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  1. 05-18-2015, 08:49 AM
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    Hello Everybody!

    Sorry for Translate, i'm French. Enzo

    Watch out! This Thread if address has warned users and not novice! If such is your case, you will be sad has to follow!

    Here is the small Tool today which is going to be of use to you as Dumper of the Addresses/Offsets on any games! Yes yes any!

    However it is not automatic as if by magic...

    For dumper you will need beforehand a script (I supply as example a script for Advanced Warfare)

    Roughly, you load this script as well as default_mp.elf and it left for Dumper for a wink of eye!

    The script is CUSTOMIZABLE, the application dont need Any Updates, you can modify, create, improve any script, your, that to download etc.!

    This application aims at a community division(sharing) to have the biggest base(basis) to give of addresses, and that each can Dumper has any moment on his(her) own PC.

    This Tool it divides into 5 Tabs :

    1. Files Needed(default_mp & the Script)
    2. Addition/Modification of Script(click on case for edit it)
    3. Dump of Address and Save them to Text File
    4. Explanation of the functioning of the Tool
    5. Extra Dump allows to calculate via a Script Statistics for example via them ID has to leave EntryStats.

    Tthis new tool targets 2 Categories of people :

    • The one who scripts already will use to create by others and so Dump without knowledge private individual.
    • The one who will use, will create, will modify, shall improve the scripts and shall share them.

    Here are the images of the tool :

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    • More Explanation Difference/Pointer

    The functioning it this category can be a little bit fuzzy, I am going to stain to give some explanation to be understandable.
    The difference is the result of the address obtained via bytes to look for + this difference, what gives in the final addresses correct.

    The Pointer is what leads towards 2 Left the offset to look for, example EntryStats = unk_02A89CE8 on IDA appear 2x in 2 parts, the first unk_ in the hex view = 02 A8, the second = 9C E8, These 2 parts thus form EntryStats, my bytes 01 02 03 bring on an Address which is situated has 0x03 of the first part, and has 0x09 of the second, in the script I am thus going to emphasize in the column 0x03 + 0x09.
    Note : Put + if bytes is before, and to put - if he are later(do not work between 2, it is either before, or after).

    • Download

    Link of Download => You must login or register to view this content.
    Link of VirusScan => You must login or register to view this content.

    • README

    Do not forget of share your script, your novelties etc. in a way has to make Huge Database!

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    None the less this tool is useful :p