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  1. 11-01-2014, 04:59 PM
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    These are the rules for the Advanced Warfare Modding section, sub-sections and any other modding section on the site. Failure to comply with these rules will result in infractions placed on your profile and/or a ban from the site.

    Malicious posting of source code
    You are NOT allowed to post the source code of someone else's program without their consent.

    Cracked applications
    Programs that have been cracked, whether free or not, are not allowed.

    Thread bashing
    Under any circumstances do not hate on other people's thread/work. Asking other people to groan or hate will result in an infraction and warnings to the participants.

    Previews are prohibited
    Please do not post a thread just to show off something you've made. Keep it to yourself or share it elsewhere. This section is only meant for releases and discussion.

    Post requirement
    Due to viruses being posted, you now need 25 posts to create a thread in the Modding Tools section. Reason being is that many viruses are posted under new accounts.If you find a thread you think is a virus, please report the thread.

    Virus scans are mandatory
    You must include a virus scan of the executable file when releasing a program. If you scan a different executable than the the one released, your thread may be removed until the correct one is posted.

    Warez are NOT allowed!
    As of this week, warez have been banned entirely across all boards. This includes a torrent or any download for the actual game itself.

    No advertising
    Advertising another site in your thread (this doesn't include sources) or tool is forbidden. The link will be removed for your first violation, but any further violations will result in your thread being removed and an infraction added to your account.

    Thanks for the read. ~ NGU Staff
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