THREAD: ||Advanced Warfare|| ||Flashing Logo On Startup Fix||
  1. 02-23-2015, 04:41 PM
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    Feb 2014
    Ok so first what you need are these downloads NOT WAREZ
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    3. Of course your advanced warfare on usb/external Hard drive
    Setting it up!!
    1. Go onto your pc and put the files that you got from the fix Pram.sfo/Eboot.bin/ect.
    2. Now on your PS3 install Irisman if on PS3ITA install ps3ita manager.
    3. now plug in your usb and launch Iris/Ps3ita Manager. Press start and START and goto tools/games and click refresh games.
    4. Now go to the main menu NOT XMB and your game should show up press Triangle and goto Config and keep everything off EXCEPT bdmirror and you should be able to go press x on the game logo and it will return you to xmb.
    5. Press X on the BD Disc that shows up or go to PS3/APP/HOME and press X The game will start up and will ask for an update update it and it should successful start up.

    Any Problems Pm Me Or Post down Below
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