THREAD: make your own BO2 EBOOT + Antiban for ( BLES01717 ) CEX
  1. 06-26-2014, 10:57 PM
    Mar 2014
    Hi guys, in this Thread I will show you how to make your own BO2 EBOOT
    I was asking many ppl to help but they don't, so finally I figured out never mind what you need is:-

    1) 1.18 BO2 EBOOT Builder
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    2) my BLES01717 bat file

    download it : You must login or register to view this content.

    ok so now Extract the EBOOT Builder from WinRAR file and copy the BLES01717.bat file and paste in in BO2 EBOOT Builder 1.18 Folder , make sure you backup the orginal Debug bat file or just rename it, and now rename the BLES01717 to Debug , now RUN the BO2 EBOOT Builder Tool > load the ELF file default_mp.elf > select the mods you want with Antiban
    finally check the Debug box and click Build EBOOT and bingo that's it you ready to go Enzo

    Have Fun
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