THREAD: Four Glitches in One! (Any Gun, camo, attachment, etc. at any level!) And more!!!
  1. 01-05-2013, 05:32 PM
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    YT - WrapAroundGaming
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    In this glitch you can get any gun, camo, attachment at any level; do the custom gamemode xp glitch; lock lobbies; and momentarily make all of your classes disappear!

    We need our community to pitch in and find out how to make each one happen when desired, because each one occurring is random! Also for a text tutorial you BELOW


    To make this work on xbox
    1.)Go on system link
    2.)Hover over create game
    3.)Press y or triangle
    4.)Join a friend
    5.)Before you actually get in the lobby with your friend spam A


    1.) Hit X on join session
    2.) Press O to get to the main mulitplayer menu
    3.) Press Down on the D-Pad once
    4.) Press X on LAN PARTY
    5.) Press X on Create Game
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