Not long ago, Treyarch patched so that some method of wallbreach, ("Option / L1 & R1" and "Option / Triangle) are no longer feasible, the only methods still possible to cross the walls are those with Torque and its barricade or Firebreak and drone, but it needs to be two.

However, in some places, such as Gridlock or Seaside windows, but also some places (very rare) are still possible with Option / L1 & R1 or Option / Triangle.

In short, an old method, very little used because less easy than others, has been tested in different places, including online, and it works!

It is a derivative of the old method, it must be placed at the corner of a wall, place his grapple off, shifting to the right or left depending on the wall to cross, press option and spammer triangle (to be done quickly ).

Videos on YT are available recently.

Enjoy !!!