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    Once upon a time...

    What you will need:
    1.) A PS3 on 3.55/3.41
    2.) A PS3 on 4.10/4.11
    3.) An Ethernet Cable (to data transfer)
    4.) Time
    5.) A friend to switch lobbies

    Here is the tutorial, all typed by me. Winky Winky

    1.) Go here and download the 1.02 and the 1.13 Black Ops update. (Choose your region) You must login or register to view this content.
    2.) Put both files on your USB and plug into your 3.55 PS3.
    3.) Install the 1.13 patch and go on your FTP server.
    4.) Navigate to hdd0>game>BLUS30591(or whatever region you are)>USRDIR and copy the t5mp_ps3f.self to your desktop.
    5.) Quit the FTP server on your PS3 and delete the 1.13 Black Ops update and install the 1.02 Black Ops update.
    6.) Start up your FTP server again and navigate to hdd0>game>BLUS30591(or whatever region you are)>USRDIR and overwrite the 1.02 t5mp_ps3f.self with the 1.13 one on your desktop.
    7.) Quit the FTP server and data transfer from your 3.55 PS3 to your 4.11 PS3.
    8.) When it has finished data transferring, you will need to use a patch blocker so you can remain online on the 1.02 update (so it doesn't ask you to update to 1.13) Download Elite Mossy's Patch Blocker here - You must login or register to view this content. (I uploaded it myself )(You must login or register to view this content. There is no link to copy and paste to you so I took a snap)
    9.) Go on Black Ops and go to multiplayer. (If you ever played Black Ops on your account, you will get a message saying your stats have been reset, which is true, because they do get reset in order to do the prestige glitch)
    10.) Start up Combat Training on any map you prefer (Nuketown is the best because it is the smallest :ySmile
    11.) Play until you are level 50 and have Prestige Mode unlocked. (It took me about 6 hours, 4 hours playing time)
    12.) Get a friend to invite you to a Player Match and then go to Playercard>Leaderboards then click right and hover over Just Show Me the Leaderboards Already
    13.) Get your friend to switch it to Combat Training and then click X and then click O until you are back at your Playercard.
    14.) Click Prestige Mode ONE TIME (I cannot stress that enough, if you prestige right there you will need to get to 50 in Combat Training again)
    15.) Get your friend to switch back to Player Match and then enter Prestige Mode.
    16.) Repeat steps 13-15 until you reach your desired prestige. Once you get there, I recommend going into a pre-game lobby to make sure you prestige sticks (or else it might bring you back one prestige after you quit the game)
    17.) Quit the game and delete the Black Ops update and take off the Patch Blocker and download the 1.13 update.
    Note: If your PS3 freezes after step 9, just restart your PS3. It froze for me about 5 times. :\

    Video Tutorial - Thanks Brunop10 :love:
    Video removed due to copyright. :frown:

    Tutorial on How to get S&Awesome face in Combat Training:

    1.) Get your friend to invite you to a Player Match.
    2.) Tell him to switch it to Private Match and change it to S&Awesome face on Nuketown.
    3.) Tell him to click switch lobbies and hover over Combat Training.
    4.) Tell him to click X, Up, X really fast and then as the map loads he has to quit the game.
    5.) You will end up in a Combat Training lobby with S&Awesome face on Nuketown.
    6.) Change settings to 1 friend and 9 enemies and start the game.
    Note: If you accidentally end the lobby, your friend will have to help you get S&Awesome face again, and I do not think there is a way to get S&Awesome face unlimited lives like back in the day.

    Video tutorial of S&Awesome face in Combat Training

    Tutorial on How to get Unlimited Lives in S&Awesome face Combat Training:
    You need 2 people to do this (not sure if both need to be on 1.02 with 1.13t5mp_ps3f.self, but tested with both on it)
    1.) Have your friend sit in a Combat Training lobby with S&Awesome face. (Follow tutorial above this one)
    2.) You go to a private match and hover over unlimited lives.
    3.) Have your friend invite you to his S&Awesome face Combat Training lobby and then join.
    4.) Have your friend back out of the lobby (leaving you as the host) and then you start it without changing anything else.
    5.) You should have S&Awesome face unlimited lives in Combat Training S&Awesome face.
    Note: This will cut down the time from about 4-6 hours to about 45 minutes to an hour. I suggest you use a Gunship and hover over the enemy spawn and kill them fast.

    Brunop10 for the video tutorial!!!!!
    Elite Mossy for the Patch Blocker :y:
    RSPGlitchersHD on Youtube for a video tutorial on S&Awesome face in Combat Training.
    BornFuziioN & BrinkerzHD for the S&Awesome face Combat Training unlimited lives tutorial.

    I guess that is it. If somehow you are supposed to have credit, PM me and I will add it.

    Proof this is my idea and not anyone else's - You must login or register to view this content. I posted that on January 14th, 2011. It is the same method as before, just with a newer update. Smile
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