Hello everyone,

Working in Information Technology will bring you new headaches then and there, but that's just how it is. New technology is new bugs and issues. While working, my team and I noticed something specific coming from HP and Dell computers. Many clients kept telling me their computer kept wiping themselves back to factory settings after turning off the computer and waking up to the issue, or even just randomly shutting down to Cortana yelling at you, "Hi. I'm Cortana, and I'm here to help!". We found this odd as we ran multiple diagnostics, and everything came out... perfectly fine?

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Furthermore, we did troubleshoot and even booted through safe mode to verify everything was in good shape until we bumped into the issue. As trial and error, we started to realize that every computer that kept self-wiping were containing Optane Drives built-in. We're not too sure if this has been a defective issue that just randomly began. We've attempted to look around the Internet and even ask some of the best guys we know. Nothing. We decided to disable the Optane Driver for each client and everything became solid after that. Would we recommend turning it back on? Maybe. Time will tell.

In addition, Optane is powerful when it comes to a computer, but making your data go KABOOM is powerful as well. We want to make sure you're safe from this random bug attacking you next! To learn how to disable Optane, learn more about Optane, etc. You can visit this site right You must login or register to view this content. that explains it all for you.

Make sure you have a second backup of your data. While some External Hard Drives are soldered, I would recommend buying a non-soldered one, that way, if it ever goes bad—but you can hear it spinning and turning on—You can always remove the enclosure, and use a direct SATA cable to attempt to view the information to extract it. Or, you can try to do a level 1 data recovery yourself, which you can learn more about You must login or register to view this content..

We've had the clients call us back a month later that the issue did not persist. If you have any weird bugs happen to you in the past, feel free to let me know so I am aware of it as well.