THREAD: US PSN Cards - 50% Off - Paypal & Amazon Vouchers Only
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    Dec 2013

    Selling US PSN Cards at 50% off, meaning a $20 US PSN card is $10.

    We are going to do this a certain way, no exceptions - if you don't like it, move on to another thread - all flame posts will be reported.

    With all the moderators that can vouch for me, and my reputation on other forums if you don't trust me to do this, lets stop wasting each others time now...

    Current Stock in US PSN Cards - CLOSED


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    PSN Card Delivery

    Send me your PSN Email/Pass and I will deposit the PSN card(s) onto your account, this eliminates any issues with the PSN card not working/being fully activated

    Don't trust me? Make a new PSN acct and game-share with yourself.

    If you want the actual PSN card number - You will receive it with a gyazo gif showing you that it works past the first check - Any issues down the road you might experience will be on you.

    Contact Information

    Skype - AdnanM801
    Please make sure you are adding me - the person that has 5400+ skype contacts

    These are my skype accounts

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    Originally Posted by Kryptus View Post
    I've known this user for a long time now. He's never steered me wrong. Always true to his word and always willing to help. You're in very good hands with this seller. Very nice opportunity for those looking for cheap PSN credit as well! Good luck with sales, and hope you buyers enjoy what he has to offer!

    Kryptus seal of approval! Ron Swanson

    Originally Posted by XxPOTHEADxX View Post
    1000000000% TRUSTWORTHY GUY HERE Ron Swanson

    Originally Posted by Nightwing View Post
    Just got a card, EXTREMELY FAST! Great seller and legit! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Will be doing a lot more business with you, my friend.

    Originally Posted by vSaBoTeuR View Post
    Vouch for this chap, the funds were added within the minute I gave him the Amazon voucher. Highly recommended.
    Cheers for the PSN munai mate! Happy

    Originally Posted by Alex View Post
    can vouch for this guy, everything was done in a couple minutes, definitely recommended!

    Originally Posted by Havoc69 View Post
    Got $90 worth of psn cards from him. Everything went smoothly and he was very cooperative. It was pleasure doing business with you and will buy more from you soon.

    Originally Posted by Hitman View Post
    i bought $80 from him he is great seller within minutes I recieved my codes, All codes worked, I highly recommend and I cant wait to do business with you again Smile

    Originally Posted by Fideo View Post
    Great guy to deal with it, very fast m and reliable... Highly recommended... Thanks again bro... Ur the best

    Originally Posted by Kaori912 View Post
    he will i've done alot of business with this guy and hes perfectly legit i will do all my game shopping with him because of this.

    Originally Posted by ivalice View Post
    I have tried contacting AdnanM801 on skype many times. He has added me, and he is always online. Every single time i reply to him he does not reply back.

    idk if i'm hurt or just let down that i wanted to purchase something after reading such good reviews and then being ignored.


    Originally Posted by Fideo View Post
    This guy is legit... I bought for him 3 times and all good... He is slow take several days to respond but at the end all was good... I vouch for him..

    Originally Posted by Capture View Post
    Vouch for Adnan, bought $120 worth of cards and it went quickly & smoothly, would recommend for anyone wanting to buy PSN cards

    Originally Posted by Qalar View Post
    Vouch for this guy ... very trustworthy and cheap... sent payment and received the cards right away ...

    Originally Posted by Qalar View Post
    Bought another $100 worth of psn cards, all went smooth and fast

    Originally Posted by Oblivious View Post
    I vouch for this guy! The whole thing was done within a minor few minutes, received the code insanely fast. He is completely trustworthy. Will for sure come to buy again really soon Smile

    Originally Posted by rampaging View Post
    This guy is the real deal.I had a few issues but we sorted them out.This guy is incredibly fast got the cards on my account in less than 5 minutes after payment and was super professional. Huge vouch.

    Originally Posted by WhiteGBE View Post
    Very fast. Bought $80 worth from him. Definitely can vouch.

    Originally Posted by x3 View Post
    I Recommend this guy
    I bought $20 the code work 100% and everytime i need a psn card ill come to this guy
    Trusted 100%

    Originally Posted by 10 View Post
    really a nice person and 100% Safe thank u so mucn u r the best

    Originally Posted by x3 View Post
    I Bought from him again for $80 PSN Card
    I Recommend this guy FHRITP

    Originally Posted by AtomiqNuke View Post
    this guys service is great 100% vouch for him, purchased 120$ worth of psn cards fast and easy.

    Originally Posted by voss916 View Post
    first time i bought off him it was $40 psn i believe, super fast easy and quick. super legit. bought off him again right now for the second time. i bought $90 psn so i payed $45 and he was super fast and legit again. highly recommended to get your psn credit.

    Originally Posted by lalo1996 View Post
    this guy is legit just bought 100$ psn money for 50$ legit i vouch for him
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