THREAD: $4 Full No Ban Ghost Recoveries PS3/PS4 | Cheap | Almost Instant | 1.16
  1. 08-25-2014, 01:40 PM
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    We're no strangers to love
    Nov 2013
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    Note: All packages comes with a free 1 month warranty!

    Accepting Paypal, PSN Cards and iTunes Cards!

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    All services are done with a paid anti-ban tool by Rawdog and ImSooCool. This tool is very safe, and I have not received any bans yet.

    Vouches [From Doing Services]


    Originally Posted by DesperateAngel View Post
    I can vouch for this user.

    Gave a 100% flawless service.. Thanks again for the awesome job, you can see me returning as a customer very very soon. Happy

    Originally Posted by SnaY View Post
    I vouch for this guy, he did them in 15 mins :p

    Originally Posted by AnyOne View Post
    Legit, i Bought His Services And Is Reliable & Quick!

    Originally Posted by sexydane69 View Post
    my bro gave him 5$ to do it hes cool trust him with everything ,
    known him for a while actually pretty quickc!

    would recoomend./100

    Originally Posted by Fxck View Post
    Did it in 5 minutes exactly, vouch for this guy. Winky Winky

    Originally Posted by ShutTheCrunchUp View Post
    Recommended Winky Winky <3

    Originally Posted by ybnice1234779 View Post
    Legit! He did my account last night. 100% legit.

    Originally Posted by SmokeNToke View Post
    I Vouch, very quick and kept me updated Smile

    Originally Posted by xElmo420 View Post
    Great service! I vouch for this guy! Service was done quickly! Thank you! ******************

    Originally Posted by Vexzer View Post
    Fast And Easy ❤️

    Originally Posted by kjchan View Post
    Haxel is legit! Fast friendly and all around nice guy to deal with!

    Originally Posted by Poussay View Post
    One of the cheapest offers i've seen. Took him 10 minutes and if i ask for something he will do it, won't ask for more money, amazing, thanks.

    Originally Posted by Glacial View Post
    Massive vouch for Haxel! Great guy and great service and a cheap, affordable price too! He delivered very quickly and he did what I wanted. Thanks man, you the best! He is 101% legit!

    Originally Posted by danwrestlinggod View Post
    done my account last night and only took him about 10-15 minutes! great guy and fast service provider! Happy

    Originally Posted by adzy148 View Post
    100% legit sound

    Originally Posted by YFKyle14 View Post
    100% legit got it done in no time 5*

    Originally Posted by hallalex832 View Post
    I vouch for this user. Fast service, excellent communication and trust worthy.
    Thank you!

    Originally Posted by Lex420 View Post
    Thanks for everything Haxel! I will come back soon i vouch for Haxel

    Originally Posted by shotwound69 View Post
    Thank you Haxel, I vouch for you! I paid for my GTA V service and you gave me a free service for BO2. You won't find this somewhere else! Thank you mate

    Originally Posted by Tristan1992 View Post
    Legit , thank you for the service

    Originally Posted by duhink View Post
    Nice service!All fast,and nice.

    Originally Posted by ForFxckSakes View Post
    I vouch for this guy, done quickly and had no problems what so ever. :nyan:

    Originally Posted by Toxify View Post
    Amazing and fast. Very nice and did I forget to mention she is really fast?

    Originally Posted by pistolwhip35 View Post
    Absolutely the best I vouch for these guys!!!!! So freaking fast!Smile

    Originally Posted by aykunalev View Post
    he did my service and he is very fast thanks

    Originally Posted by simo9559 View Post
    I vouch for him!!

    Originally Posted by DrZepto View Post
    Great and fast seller. 100% legitimate. Definitely recommend over other sellers. Smile

    Originally Posted by k View Post
    Bought 1k Instagram followers, fast and legit! Highly recommended

    Originally Posted by Groovy View Post
    Very fast service, got 1,000 followers shortly after posting.

    Keep up the good work Winky Winky

    Originally Posted by Alex View Post
    Very Fast Service and Very Friendly Person.. i will buy from you lot in the future Smile

    Thanks For the followers

    Originally Posted by Sherlock View Post
    I can vouch for this dude. Ordered 1k followers for my Instagram, took less than 10 minutes. Just waiting on my Twitter followers too, will edit once done!

    Originally Posted by Dilecce View Post
    I'll Vouch For You Man. Great Thread

    Originally Posted by UserModz View Post
    He is a great seller!! I would definately call him trusted & fast! Everyone buy from him Winky Winky

    Originally Posted by Rxy View Post
    Thanks for this service, did my account really fast, got what I wanted Smile

    Originally Posted by JxstinOMG View Post
    Very quick service!! Definitely recommend this seller!

    Originally Posted by Dilecce View Post
    Legit Man Thanks For The Recovery

    Originally Posted by iiGoomBah View Post
    Great Service. Very Fast and Legit!!! I Vouch.

    Originally Posted by chriskel299 View Post
    Fast and Legit. Trustable and Cheap. Thanks man Smile

    Originally Posted by Vaping View Post
    Legit Services. Fast, reliable and trustworthy!

    Originally Posted by EhlerTheGod View Post
    this guy is fucken amazing!

    Originally Posted by iModCodForeveri View Post
    omg, this is the best service ever !! he did my account in 5-10 minutes & everything was fine.

    Originally Posted by heywtf View Post
    Legit , cheap , and fast love these guy

    Originally Posted by vhromero View Post
    100% Legit Fast!!!!!

    Originally Posted by anonamoose55 View Post
    Quick, easy, service, this guy is legit.

    Originally Posted by jinz505 View Post
    LEGIT GUY and fast response

    Originally Posted by staybrave View Post
    Very Fast, Legit 100%, Quick Response, and Very Friendly Smile

    Originally Posted by PENUT69 View Post
    Just bought this guy is so good quick and great service

    Originally Posted by edub22 View Post
    huge vouch, finished my account within minutes

    Originally Posted by Fxck View Post
    Nice recovery service Haxel. Snail

    Originally Posted by strandedClouds View Post
    Very legit, if your buying for your first time this is the guy to go to. I vouch for him.

    Originally Posted by AMCMODDING View Post
    Legit and 100% trusted i vouch

    Originally Posted by OgreIV View Post
    100% Legit and he did my account within 5 minutes! thanks!

    Originally Posted by WazzaGaming View Post
    Wow this guy got me Unlock All in like 10 mins! You sir definitely have my Vouch ! Happy For Proof PSN : Wazza672 Thanks Happy

    Originally Posted by freakingSEAN View Post
    100% legit! Did 3 accounts for me and did it the exact way I want it Happy If you need a guy to do your recoveries, hit this guy up! He's the best person to do it.

    Originally Posted by Kojdysek View Post
    Did it for me earlier today. Fast and legit service! Smile

    Originally Posted by ModdingGamer360 View Post
    Legit he just did my account amazing fast sufficient service I vouch Smile

    Originally Posted by xFlavez View Post
    100% Legit!! If you're going to get a service then get one whilst you still can.

    My Account was done within minutes of adding on Skype. Thanks again dude! Highly recommended!

    Originally Posted by roblair View Post
    legit service! thank you so much! highly recommend!

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  3. 07-27-2015, 10:04 PM
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    Save Point
    Aug 2014
    Its been 1 month and he still havent gave me it
  4. 07-29-2015, 09:47 PM
    Nov 2011
    So it's almost been 2 days now! Why isn't it done?
  5. 08-23-2015, 04:09 PM
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    May 2015
    Hey man, when are you available to do a recovery and what are the chances of getting banned? i got banned today lol