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    Hello once again NGU. So following my Android Rooting guide found You must login or register to view this content., I decided to release one more guide, this time on how to Install a Custom ROM on your android devices. You need to be rooted first so follow my other guide before following this one. Same things apply for this guide as well. So concnsider yourself warned! Now with some basics

    What is a Custom ROM and what it's usefulness?

    A Custom ROM is the equivalent of a CFW for jailbroken PS3 consoles. It's a modified Android OS/firmware. It allows greater control than the original (stock) OS/firmware your phone has. Most of the time is heavily modified to suit the needs of the developer or user.

    How many ROMs exist?
    Infinite but they are categorized
    1) AOSP= Stands for Android Open Source Project its the most common type of ROM every phone has at least one custom ROM of this category. Also most stock ROMs are AOSP types like Google's phones.

    2)Touchwiz= It's Samsung's own customized ROM, its being developed by Samsung only and for Samsung phones only, It can be edited and ported to different Samsung devices with ease.

    What will I need?/ Installation steps

    Let's get to the nice stuff. First of all your phone MUST have a custom recovery. Either follow my previous guide You must login or register to view this content., or google "How to install custom recovery on (your phone's model)" It's an easy process.
    After that part is done all you need is the file of your favorite ROM (Lineage, Ressurection Remix, etc) saved in your internal or external Storage of your phone.

    Boot into Recovery Mode (Varies across manufacturers but typically is Power button + Volume Up or for most Samsung devices Power button + Home button + Volume Up button)
    (SUGGESTED)Make a backup of your phone
    (SUGGESTED)Wipe Data, Dalvik and Normal Cache
    Hit the Install button
    Find your file and select it
    Confirm the installation
    Once it finishes wipe cache and reboot
    Wait till it's fully booted
    Configure your new ROM

    Relatively small guide but there are not much to be said here. That's basically everything you need. Before installing a ROM read it's features etc. There are literally hundreds of ROMs for each phone so best to take your time and see what it's has to offer and how the community of users love or hate. As always if this thread helped you, my part has been fulfilled. Enjoy another guide (Still a noob at making them) by EvolveRebxg. Have Fun people!
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