GTA 5 ONLINE CAR DUPLICATION GLITCH! WORKING SOLO CAR DUPLICATION GLITCH AFTER PATCH 1.50 - In this video I bring you the only working solo car duplication glitch in GTA 5 online after the patch 1.50!

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MOC With bay 3 vehicle storage
Elegys in facility

Step 1: Move vehicle (can only be Bennys or arena vehicles) out of moc and leave it parked
Step 2: exit bunker and use only ceo or civilian vehicles no personal vehicles and go to facility
Step 3: go inside facility and go to the assistant and look at the assistant then turn around walking and quickly press right on the d-pad and then press options to bring up the menu and quickly go to criminal enterprise pack press x and and circle to back out then pull up the map and go to a job and press square and x quickly to start the job and then quickly press circle and a loading icon should appear at the bottom of the screen
Step 4: Go to your elegy and get in and as your exhaust starts up join another friends session and then hold r2 and a screen will pop up (continue to hold r2) and then press accept deny then accept
Step 5: you should spawn at another facility and then make your way to the bunker and your vehicle should be right where you left it and then you should drive it back in the moc and accept the screen about “replacing a vehicle” and boom the car should have duplicated go back to the facility or call your mechanic to make sure it duped...😃

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