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  1. 08-17-2014, 02:50 AM
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    Hey Guys,

    As you can see there has been a new section opened up specifically for the request that you may want. I really want to just lay down a couple basic rules that need to be followed when posting or viewing these request.

    1. Please make sure that whatever you are requesting is related to Grand Theft Auto 5!

    2. No Flaming request! Just because you don't think the request is legitimate, doesn't mean they are not entitled to make the request.

    3. Please make the request as detailed and specific as possible! I don't want to see a bunch of request where 30 questions have to be asked before anyone even understands what you are requesting.

    4. No Arguing! Don't clutter the comment section with unnecessary arguments. Please

    5. Please make sure you have looked through the other GTA5 Sections thoroughly to make sure whatever you are requesting has not been already posted.

    6. All request MUST be legitimate. This is not a place to make false requests to be funny. It's a waste of time so please refrain from doing it.

    Like I said, these are some basic rules that I want followed when posting a request. This is new to NGU and this section so I will monitoring this section very closely. I may be adding to these rules as this section starts getting more active so please make sure you check back from time to time to make sure rules haven't changed.

    Thanks for reading guys and have a Great Day!! Happy
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