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    u mirin'
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    u mirin'
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    meh, I've been having a little fun trolling people on omegle using the text function, and some people thought that I should share this with you guys, enjoy! Hope you enjoy it lol I'll be adding more convos as they come Happy

    [multipage=convo 1]

    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    Stranger: female?
    You: yep
    Stranger: that is bi or les?
    You: you?
    Stranger: girl
    You: Im bi
    Stranger: ok me tooSmile
    Stranger: horny?
    You: yep
    You: how old are you?
    Stranger: 17
    Stranger: u
    You: 71
    Stranger: yea rightttt
    You: no seriously, i am
    Stranger: i hate bitches like uuu that are immmaturee
    You: im horny as hell
    You: im joking, im 23
    Stranger: k
    You: have you got skype?
    Stranger: nope
    Stranger: im gonna wipe my bloody tampon in ur mouth hoe
    Stranger: !
    You: im sorry but ive already done that to your mum
    You: she loved it
    You: i gave her the best rainbow kiss ever
    Stranger: mmhmm go dieWinky Winky
    Stranger: shove a dick up ur ass
    You: Already have a dildo for that
    Stranger: lollll
    You: no seriously, i do
    Stranger: yeah i do too but dont put it up my ass
    Stranger: i let my girl pleasure me with it
    You: I enjoy shoving it up my ass, best feeling ever
    You: INCEST
    Stranger: incest lolll
    You: whats wrong with you?
    You: how can you let your daughter do that to you?
    Stranger: wtf
    Stranger: i have a gf
    You: oh, i mustve misread that sentence
    You: I apologise for accusing you falsely
    Stranger: lol okk
    You: are you actually a girl?
    Stranger: yyeaa
    You: i dont believe that, you type like a man
    Stranger: hhow? lmfao
    Stranger: why would i lie
    You: wnhy wouldnt you, to get to my hairy, wet pussy
    Stranger: um if i was a guy i would say so?? loll but im bi and a girl
    Stranger: ew u dont shave?
    You: 17 and a gf
    You: Didn't you parents screw at you?
    Stranger: didnt my parents screw at me ?
    Stranger: thtt makes no sence
    You: in other words, weren't you parents angry when you brought them the news?
    Stranger: nooo they dont care
    Stranger: as long as im not les
    Stranger: i still like men justt like girls better
    You: ah ok
    You: whats the best porn site in your opinion?
    Stranger: *****
    You: hmm, I'd say You must login or register to view this content.
    You: pretty good
    Stranger: mmm nice
    You: The little girls make me horny
    Stranger: coool
    You: indeed it is
    Stranger: are u even a girl
    You: What kind of question is that? Did i not clearly say yes at the start of this convo??
    Stranger: ok but u also lied about ur age?
    You: >implying I wasn't joking
    Stranger: so u are 71?
    Stranger: then u tell me u are 23
    You: Im 23
    Stranger: ok
    You: can i see a pic of you?
    Stranger: no
    You: why?
    Stranger: u havent pleased me
    You: I'm sure the stuff I'll be doing to the pic will please you enough
    Stranger: no i mean if u make me wet ill send u a pic of me
    You: ok, I'll start
    Stranger: ok
    You: I rub my pussy in a circular motion with two fingers going slowly into the wet and inner region of my pussy
    You: I slowly bring those fingers out and repeat the process ten times over
    You: I then start licking my fingers clean and then i repeat this process
    You: I start using my dildo until i begin orgasming
    You: then repeatthis process two more times until i get ULTRA WET
    Stranger: ookk im still not wett..
    You: I have tried my best, you are hopeless; ok how about i please you in a different way?
    Stranger: ok
    You: [url]https://www.********.com/[/url] (ask me for the site in a PM...)
    Stranger: no
    You: that should do it
    Stranger: h.o
    You: what do you mean no?
    You: You said yes and then no
    Stranger: lol hold on
    You: Make your mind up, im starting to get a bit angry here my mode is going off
    Stranger: lolllll im trying to look at this
    You: okie dokie
    You: tell me when you're done cause it's your go to please me

    [multipage=convo 2]
    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    Stranger: hi!
    You: Hello!
    Stranger: asl?
    You: 71 F UK
    You: you?
    Stranger: m 15
    Stranger: u horny
    You: obviously
    Stranger: yeah u wet
    You: YES!
    You: for you im anything
    Stranger: what u doin tor pusy\sy
    You: Young man, have you no shame?
    Stranger: none
    You: I have your IP, I'll be contacting your parents
    (He abruptly leaves the convo lol)

    [multipage= some funny bits]

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    I dunno what to say anymore?
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    I dunno what to say anymore?
    Aug 2010
    Convo 3 was the funny one.
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    nice wan m8, i reely liked d part bowt da ting m8

    by ne chance m8 do yaz av a cl available? cl plz
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    Once upon a time...
    Convo 3 was the best, followed by 1 =D
    Keep them coming Awesome face
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    I've moved this to internet discussion because omegle chat is directly correlated to the internet and this is where all the other omegle conversations are. Smile
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