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  1. 06-09-2019, 10:39 AM
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    It is not allowed to use Game Saves on the games you are offering to people in this section no matter that it are Ps3 saves or Ps4 it is not allowed even when you can make it look 100% legit,
    you do not only break the forum rules with this you also break the TOS of the Save Resigner (only applies to Save Wizard). Anyone that gets caught doing so will risk getting their shop removed and their Save Resigner license revoken. In this section you only can sell games you did play 100% yourself without the use of saves, cheats or any unofficial firmware PlayStation system.

    To avoid this Games can be done on a blank user since it's not possible to use any Ps3 or Ps4 saves on a blank user. Refusing to play any offline game on a blank user would only look bad on your end.
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