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Name: Kaylin
Birthday: Jan 21st.
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (Rhode Island)

Hi, My name is Kaylin. I am an avid roleplayer who has been telling and playing in stories since I was around 7 years old. I do have a vast amount of roleplaying manuals and games at least three bookshelves full and several boxes. I am also a huge fan of Monster Hunter and Resident Evil. I am now making guides and saves for players to aid them in the game. For those that feel some info is too obvious remember some of us are experienced from the original games while others are brand new so my guides are made specifically for all players new and old.

As most mothers always say on lame television shows, if you can't say anything right don't say anything at all.

#F660AB = Pink.....favorite color

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My main: Kaylin = 2535-4441-7563
My 2nd system = April TMNT = 4442-1412-1617
My Zelda 3DS = Deedlit = 4571-1032-3302

I play MH3U / MH4U mostly on my 3DS systems.


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Location United States
Interests Movies, Manga, Anime, Tabletop, Video Games, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Soap Operas, Board games
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Youtube Channel Kaylinroll20
PSN Username Princess--Kaylin


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