Microsoft surprised people in a lot of ways with their E3 press event this year, but perhaps the one things that surprised people more than anything else was when Xbox boss Phil Spencer quickly mentioned in passing that the Microsoft team that developed the Xbox One X’s stellar hardware is currently working on the next generation of Xbox.It wasn’t an official announcement of the next Xbox (Xbox Two? Xbox 720? Xbox 4? Let’s stick with Next Xbox for now), but it took people by surprise anyway, because the general consensus among people seems to be that the current generation of consoles still have plenty of life left in them, so even mentioning a next generation seems a bit premature.Industry analyst Michael Pachter of the analysis firm Wedbush Securities, though, feels like the shadow-mention made plenty of sense. We recently spoke with Pachter about a number of things, and one of the issues we quizzed him on was the next Xbox, and he was of the opinion that though current Xbox One X owners (a system that launched only one year ago) might feel a little slighted by the opinion, Microsoft are definitely going to launch their next system before Sony launches the PS5, citing 2020 as the most likely release year.

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