THREAD: How to call raw GSC Functions in an .sprx. Also, how to do waitill xD [RELEASE]
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    May 2013
    Sup guys, if you don't know me, good. I'm from xbox xD. My alias is Maybe Ethernet. I'll be showing you how to call raw gsc functions in your dll/sprx.

    Ok so first we want to get our basic functions

    int Scr_SetParameters(unsigned int Num){
    return *(int*)(0x13C3140 + 0x203Cool Man (aka Tustin) = Num;
    //This will set the parameter number

    struct opd_s{
    uint Sub;
    uint Toc;

    opd_s ParseAddr(int Address){
    opd_s GLS = { Address, 0x724C38 };
    return GLS;

    Next we want to get all the Scr_Add functions together
    #define Scr_AddInt(Value) ((void(*)(int))&ParseAddr(0x20C60Cool Man (aka Tustin))(Value)
    #define Scr_AddFloat(Value) ((void(*)(float))&ParseAddr(0x20C5C0))(Value)
    #define Scr_AddString(String) ((void(*)(const char*))&ParseAddr(0x20C42Cool Man (aka Tustin))(String)
    #define Scr_AddEntity(Entity) ((void(*)(int))&ParseAddr(0x1B7700))(Entity)
    #define Scr_AddVector(Vec) ((void(*)(const float*))&ParseAddr(0x20C330))(Vec)

    Now to explain how to actually use these, we're going to use GScr_Earthquake as an example which is located at 0x1A80E8.

    Here's how we do this.

    #define Scr_ClearOutParams() ((void(*)(void))&ParseAddr(0x20C19Cool Man (aka Tustin))()

    void GScr_Earthquake(float scale, float duration, float* source, float radius){
    Scr_SetParameters(4); //See how I set the parameter number after I finish calling the Scr_Adds?
    ((void(*)())&ParseAddr(0x1A80ECool Man (aka Tustin))(); //Call the actual function
    //((void(*)(int))&ParseAddr(0x1A80ECool Man (aka Tustin))(ClientID << 16); //Only call this one if the one above doesn't work.

    See how I called the Scr_Adds from the last parameter to the 1st one? Well you have to do that, idk why really.

    Now on to the hook. You need somewhere to call these right? Well your answer is: VM_Resume - 0x2E69C4.

    Method to hook: hookFunctionStart - Credit to Xx jAmes t xX for porting this Smile

    void PatchInJump(int Address, int Destination){
    int FuncBytes[4];
    Destination = *(int*)Destination;
    FuncBytes[0] = 0x3D600000 + ((Destination >> 16) & 0xFFFF);
    if(Destination & 0x8000) FuncBytes[0] += 1;
    FuncBytes[1] = 0x396B0000 + (Destination & 0xFFFF);
    FuncBytes[2] = 0x7D6903A6;
    FuncBytes[3] = 0x4E800420;
    Memcpy((void*)Address, FuncBytes, 4*4);

    void hookFunctionStart(int Address, int saveStub, int Destination){ //Works on every game
    saveStub = *(int*)saveStub;
    int BranchtoAddress = Address + (4*4);
    int StubData[8];
    StubData[0] = 0x3D600000 + ((BranchtoAddress >> 16) & 0xFFFF);
    if(BranchtoAddress & 0x8000) StubData[0] += 1;
    StubData[1] = 0x396B0000 + (BranchtoAddress & 0xFFFF);
    StubData[2] = 0x7D6903A6;
    Memcpy(&StubData[3], (void*)Address, 4*4);
    StubData[7] = 0x4E800420;
    Memcpy((void*)saveStub, StubData, 8*4);
    PatchInJump(Address, Destination);

    Now our function hook

    void VM_ResumeStub(int TimeId){
    __asm("li %r3, 0x3");

    void VM_ResumeHook(int TimeId){ // If this doesn't work, hook int VM_Execute() - 0x20CC08 with hookFunctionStart
    //You would call GScr_Earthquake here. Obv not in the loop. Make sure you implement a check in here to make it // get called once

    To call our hook we do
    hookFunctionStart(0x210A48, (int)VM_ResumeStub, (int)VM_ResumeHook);

    Make sure you call that about 2 seconds after your thread is executed.

    Now that's it. Smile Also, you can call other things like:

    GScr_NotifyOnPlayerCommand //Someone find this for me on ghosts pls ;-;
    and many more!

    Now on to waitill. Pretty easy tbh.

    #define SL_ConvertToString(StringValue) ((const char*(*)(unsigned short))ParseAddr(0x200280))(StringValue)

    hookFunctionStart(0x20B7C8, (int)VM_NotifyStub, (int)VM_NotifyHook);

    void VM_NotifyStub(unsigned int self, short Stringvalue, unsigned int Paramcount){
    __asm("li %r3, 0x4");

    void VM_NotifyHook(unsigned int self, short Stringvalue, unsigned int Paramcount){
    //Now if we wanted to monitor onPlayerSpawned we do
    int ClientID = ((int(*)(int))&ParseAddr(0x201F90))(self); //Scr_GetSelf
    const char* Notify = SL_ConvertToString(Stringvalue);
    if(!strcmp(Notify, "spawned_player")){
    //Executed on spawn. This monitors for ANY CLIENT THAT SPAWNS!
    GScr_Earthquake(0.6f, 2, (float*)(Playerstate() + 0x1C), 800); //Yes you can call this in V
    VM_NotifyStub(self, Stringvalue, Paramcount);

    That's pretty much it :P This works for all cods the same way as it works for this. Just update the offsets.
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