THREAD: |UPDATE]CEX-DEX Mw3 Extra Stats & Mods By Unknauwn Launcher v1.7.5*CUSTOM SPAWN TRAP*
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    Do a barrel roll!
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    Do a barrel roll!
    Feb 2013

    We find ourselves for a new version once again! Maybe the last : O

    This time this it is a v1.7.5!

    New Tabs! New Mods, New Design!! : D

    To see new produce you below to display Changelog.

    Here is a small reminder of the contents of the tool in main lines:

    Functional change of Statistics, Levels, Time of games mod, Unlock All, Classes etc.
    Class Modded, AugBar, Deagle/MP412/Magnum with Silencer etc.
    Change Name, Flash Name, Disco Flash etc.
    Fake Modding Clan, Allows to modify all which is modifiable in the point of seen clan title elite etc. and more still!
    Time and Score limits left, to return your endless party or only extend / shorten them.
    Custom Spawn Trap *NEW*.
    And to finish the list of the codes colors to have colors desired! : D

    Enough spoken!
    Here are Screens!
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    By wishing you a good use of my toolSmile

    For any problem or questions or the same suggestion, contact I via the Contact of Tool.


    Changelog v1.7.5

    Changement Login
    Addition ControlCenter(AboutPS3)

    Support 1.06
    Amelioration of stats one by one
    Amelioration of l'Auto-Refresh
    Amelioration minor of design
    Addition of All Soldiers for the customs KillStreaks
    Addition Cex/Dex
    Class GMode Enable (HOST)
    Ameliorations general more light.
    Addition tab Custom Soldiers
    Addition Camos(some doesnt work online)/Reticule Exclu
    Addition Fast Clients Main-Mods
    Addition Mods Non-Host
    Addition of Gravity
    Addition of 4 New mods Party
    Re-Addition of ChangeTeam & Lagg
    Addition ButtonMonitoring(Enable some mods with controller)

    Amelioration of Auto-Refresh
    Addition Cex/Dex
    Ameliorations general more light.
    Anti Quit.

    Bo2, Bo1 & Mw2:
    Addition Cex/Dex

    Changelog v1.7.0

    Support 1.05
    Addition of choice Weapon Primary & Secondary Minigunn
    Launcher ReDesigned
    Reset All Stats button
    Addition of Set FallDamage
    Changelog v1.2.0

    Compatibility 1.03
    Addition Flash Name
    Addition ClanTag
    Amelioration Unlock All
    Correction of some bug

    Custom XP functional
    Changement of Game Type in Party

    Changelog v1.1.0

    Addition of Stats
    Addition custom Class
    Addition Change Name
    Addition Mods NoHost
    (bug custom class colors N°3)
    Changelog v1.0.0

    Mw3 :
    Addition of Eboot Uploader.
    Addition et amelioration of some functions clients.
    AdditionTurn Off Ps3.
    Addition of Custom XP Party(BETA)
    Addition of Fast Restart Party.
    Addition of plusieurs mods client, visions etc.
    Amelioration Kick more better with custom message.
    Addition of Kicker users class invisible/invincible.
    Addition of message TypeWritter(looks like of message Start party).
    Addition of message simple visible for all.
    Addition of newsBar.
    Correction bug weapon Scondary Silencer.

    Addition of Unlock Titre Ghost

    Mw2 :
    Addition tool Mw2 with Stats and Custom Class Colors.

    Bo1 :
    Addition tool Bo1 with Stats, Class Colors and Class GMode.

    A new system makes its appearance, as you can see it on the screen 1 from the opening of the tool there are credit the donor contributors, this screen is put is update every time you click Connect ¦ Attach.

    You wish to appear on the tool and what everybody see your Pseudo/Name as soon as it will use Black Ops II Statistics & Modz by Unknauwn? To have your place on Tool?

    Nothing more simple, you contact me me donated of 5euros and you will have your visible Pseudo/name from the opening of the tool by several hundred persons and more which knows!Smile

    It is a way of making you contribute and to thank!: D

    Download :

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    VirusScan :

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