Hello NGU,

I've been working on a library to enable application-level function hooking using C#, similar to EasyHook, and I've used the EasyHook source as a base. EasyHook uses the .NET Framework and I wanted to make a version that works with the new .NET Core framework. This allows it to be cross-platform in the future, as well as work on other architectures like ARM32 and ARM64. It also currently works with Windows 10 UWP applications, which I believe EasyHook does not at the moment.

I've been working on it for some time, so I wanted to get some feedback and criticism on how to improve it or what kind of features people would like to see as well. All suggestions are welcome and hopefully others find it useful and fun to play with.

These are the current features:

  • Intercept public API functions such as CreateFile
  • Intercept internal functions by address or name if symbol files are available
  • Supports NuGet package references for the hooking libraries
  • Write libraries for intercepting API calls that can be ran on multiple architectures

All of the source code is available under MIT license.

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