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    I cant thank you guys enough for all the help throughout my modding adventures in the world of SkyRim! First off I would like to throw some credit to The_Garza and Sammy for helping me figure this out, I'm currently using the Legendary Edition of SkyRim and i'm running it via MultiMan off my external HDD and I ran into soooo many issues when I first tried modding this version, mainly because there is no updates needed for this version, as they have essentially attached the 1.07 update to the actual game itself, so kinda limits the modding you can do..... BUT WAIT! THERE IS A WAY!!!

    STEP 1- make sure you have a CFW PS3 (DUH! LOL) doesn't matter which version SkyRim you have BUT YOU AT LEAST NEED DAWNGAURD DLC

    STEP 2- open Multiman and go here - dev_hdd0/game/BLUS31202/USRDIR/NPDRM/Dawngaurd/DATA (make sure to go to GAME and NOT GAMES) you should see a couple of files in the DATA folder. LEAVE THEM THERE! We are going to be placing the mods in this folder with those Dawngaurd files located in the DATA folder.

    STEP 3- now you need to find some mods! A TON of .esp and .bsa mods seem to work for me. I've tried over 100 and they all seem to work, even the Dev Test Room! But really at the end of the day, you don't want to overdo it with the mods because they WILL lag your game (mainly scripts and graphical improvements) so pick the best, most stable ones. I will list my mods i'm using at the end of this tutorial.

    STEP 4- take the .esp and .bsa mods of your choice and put them in a folder on a flash drive (or use FileZilla) and you are going to want to place the modded files you downloaded inside the folder you have open on Multiman (dev_hdd0/game/BLUS31202/USRDIR/NPDRM/Dawngaurd/DATA)

    STEP 5- now that you copied all the files over, launch the game and ENJOY!

    If you don't like a mod or it is bugging out your game, just delete it lol go back into the Dawngard data folder and delete whichever mods you do not want anymore.
    If you want to find mods the best way is to type their name.esp in google.. I will list now the best ones I found that are 100 percent working on PS3


    15x magickaregen.esp
    3x staminaregen.esp
    Blaze Of Eventide.bsa
    Blaze Of Eventide.esp
    Essential horses - all horses.esp
    Lost Art of the Blacksmith.esp
    Marriage without Amulet.esp
    No Skill Limit.esp
    Skyrim 30 Deadbody Remover.esp
    Skyrim Shadow Striping Fix.esp
    UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul.bsa
    UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul.esp


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    There are WAY more mods I have tested, but these are the ones I deemed essential to have. But its up to you which you choose to use. Also, I would recommend using iDontLEECH 's RTM TOOL in conjunction with these mods I have listed for the best experience possible! He seems to be the ONLY person on the internet that made a working RTM for Skyrim so for sure check that out as well.

    Anyways, hope this was helpful to you guys! I know this game is SUPER OLD lol but I literally just started playing it 2 weeks ago for the first time and i must say, if your playing the vanilla version of this game without mods your are missing out my friend!


    got any questions comment or PM me Smile

    Also, if you happen to know of or found any additional PC Skyrim mods that are working on PS3 and are not included in my RAR download collection, PLEASE share with us!! I will add them to the collection just COMMENT BELOW!!
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    Originally Posted by Terrorize View Post
    Well Ok but it has alot of features


    *TOWER TOP*--------------

    *Welcome Book for you to read.

    *Auto-sorter ALL your un-modified vanilla equipment that does 'all' items at once. It will not cleanse your equipment first, only move it. This includes your ingredients. If you crouch when you use it, it will also move all magical equipment.

    *Individual Auto-sorters on each chest for all your un-modified vanilla equipment. If there is a magical version of the base equipment, if you are crouched (sneaking) when you activate the auto-sorter it will also auto-sort all of the magical version of that type of equipment. NOTE: This can be very slow so don't go crazy clicking buttons. These Auto-sorters will 'clean' the ownership from the items it sorts. Unfortunately, this also cleans it of any enchantments you placed on the item.

    *DLC auto-sorters are added as they become available. They are NOT part of the 'All' button explained above.

    *Arrow auto-sorter features the ability to 'exclude' a certain type of vanilla arrow from the auto-sorting script when you crouch and activate.

    *Broom that will clean up the cobwebs. If they return, use the broom again.

    *Explosive arrows - In arrow container. Fire, Frost and Shock. You can also make more at the forge, or spawn more in the lab.

    *Ring of the Time Lords in ring container. Gives constant time slow down while worn.

    *When crouched, activating the gold strongbox adds the selected amount of gold coins to it.

    *Clocks to show the current game time, month, day of week and the date.

    *Pull Chain that will empty all auto-sort containers back to your inventory (including ingredients), Display containers (will not remove visual effects), crafting safes, insect jars and most all mannequins. It will also stop the quest scripts from running so you can reset or remove the mod. This will stop the clocks as well.

    *Holiday decorations!
    -Frost Fall - Pumpkins!
    -Evening Star - Christmas decorations.
    -First Seed - Easter eggs. Includes 'Colored Egg Hunt' game. Activate the basket in the tower top to start the game. Ten random colored eggs will be hidden in 50 different random locations in the 'Basement'. Find all 10 eggs to get a 'Golden Egg' from the basket. Special egg mesh with golden shine to it, plus its worth 500 gold coin!


    *Auto-sorter for your ingredients. If your crouching when you activate the auto-sort button, it will remove all ingredients from the jars and place them back into your inventory.

    *Ingredient Jars - Each ingredient has its own 'named' container. If your crouched (sneaking) when you activate the individual jars, it will add the 'set' quantity of that ingredient to the container.

    *Ingredient Quantity button will let you set how many ingredients spawn in the individual jars. See the line above this about ingredient jars.

    *Storage chest wing for general storage needs.

    *Displays set up for Shield/Weapon racks, Mannequin's, Book shelves, Display cases.

    *Combat Dummy - Gives you experience if you hit it, to the skill you have currently equipped in your "right hand". If you activate the dummy, it will tell how much experience you gained from each skill. NOTE: Attacking with your 'left' had will give experience based on whats in your 'right' hand.

    *Crafting - Arcane Enchanter, Grain Mill (grinds human or troll skulls into bonemeal, and Mammoth tusks into powdered Mammoth tusk), Alchemy Lab, Tanning Rack, Work Bench, Grind Stone, Blacksmith's Forge (is the only forge that can make all the weapons and armor found in the levelers tower's), Smelter and Cooking Spit.

    *Blacksmith/Enchanter button to get your stuff required by that station from the chests upstairs. Activate in sneak mode to put them back.

    *Spawn Fortify +100 Ambrosia potions for Blacksmith, Alchemist and Enchanting. An ambrosia potion is 'drank' if your crouched when you activate the button.

    *Two chests with weapons and armor that contain each of the enchantments in the game. Useful for learning all magic effects at the disenchanting station.

    *Merchant who always has gold. If she is running low, exit conversation and talk to her again. You can change the max gold she carries if you are sneaking when you activate her.

    *Trash Incinerator added to basement near smelter.

    *Ingot Bar storage and spawning next to the smelter. Crouch when activating an ingot bar to have the spawn amount added to the bar.

    *Leather chest above tanning rack allows you to spawn leather with the same amount set for the ingot bars.

    *shelf that will auto-store your insect jar collection. You can also take a jar back off the shelf.

    *SITTING ROOM*---------

    *Doomstones that you can have all of them at one time. Activating the doomstone again will remove the effect.

    *Button to drop treasures for you to collect. Beware, too many drops can lead to a CTD.


    *Spoils chest where all the arena booty is transferred to. In sneak mode, you have the option to destroy everything in the chest.

    *Buttons upstairs to summon single enemies to battle, or watch them duke it out.

    *Button on the arena floor (to the left of the gate in corner), to start 'Battle Mode'. A constant wave of enemies will spawn for you to battle. The bodies will be cleaned up a few seconds after they die and the spoils will go in the spoils chest behine the throne.

    *Blood bowls, when full, can be used to restore your health, stamina and magicka quickly. By slaying enemies, the bowls will slowly refill again. They only refill when using the "battle mode" button on the arena floor.

    *Levers that activate dwarven blade traps down below. There is a duplicate set on the arena floor below.

    *Lever that will clean up the bodies in the arena, and put everything in the spoils chest for you. It will also kill anything still alive in the arena that are not part of the player follower faction. This will also clean up 'most' dropped weapons.

    *Auto arena gates that only open for the player to keep the combatants on the arena floor.

    *Button for Restorative Ambrosia potion. Ambrosia potions are 'drank' if your crouched when you activate the button.

    *Lever on arena floor to turn on/off the dart and fire traps.


    *All 'pickable' plants, fish, insects and fungus are in the garden.

    *When you leave the garden, and move a few cells away, the garden will have reset and you can pick everything again.

    *FEATURE - New Tomato Plant that you can pick tomatoes off of.

    *FEATURE - New Apple trees, one for Red and one for Green apples.

    *New Apocothery with Dark Elf merchant, Dreanna.

    *-Low cost telekenisis spell for playing basket ball with cabbage.

    *Dwarven Oil can be aquired from spigot.

    *Teleport pad added to Apocothery.

    *LIVING QUARTERS*-------

    *Player bed (Red covers) so you can rest. Provides the 'well rested' perk.

    *Cook merchant, to buy and sell food and drink.

    *Nirnroot plants, pick them, then activate the roots to water them. They grow back in 5 seconds. You can toggle the sound on/off if you activate it while sneaking.

    *Pool of restoration, entering the pool will heal you completely and cure you of all diseases.

    *Button to fetch all the ingredients from your jars, and all the food items from the chest upstairs. If you crouch when you activate it, it will send everything back to their storage chests.

    *Cupboard of unending food and drink items. Both are menu driven so you can select what you want spawned.

    *Large gemstone shower with button to turn it on and off.

    *New Bakers Table with many new recipes. Includes new mesh for plate of scrambled eggs of many types.

    *Bathroom with shower and toilets.

    *Mirror in Restroom when activated opens the character generation tool.

    *Secret doorway to Torture chamber.


    *Mannequins, plaques, shelves and display cases galore.

    *Dragon Priest Mask Alter to display the masks you have found.

    *Dragon Claw Display.

    *Daedric artifacts display. (Many unique items from the game)

    *Extra Mannequin Display room under museum.

    *Mining Camp*--------

    *All ore deposits are never-ending. Stops at 50 ore, then you can activate it again.

    *Several bedrooms and a kitchen area.

    *Several windows that look out into spacious caverns.

    *Job Board in mining area, to instruct miners what ore to mine for you. They will mine for up to 5 days between your visits. And its a random amount they mine each day. Make sure you visit at least every 5 days or they will stop mining for you.
    For example, from 1 to 10 for the rare Ebony, and from 1 to 50 for the cheap Iron. The other ores get varying amounts between those two based on their value in increments of 5.

    *New minable Dragon Scale and Dragon Bones from new deposit.

    *Great Library*------

    *Teleport map to all the major cities and towns.

    *Teleport map to all the Dragon mounds.

    *Teleport map to all the war camps.

    *Spell tomes in basement for each 'spell tome' in the game, which allows you to toggle having the spell or not. DLC included.

    *New Spell Tomes:
    01. Flames, Frostbite and Sparks that do a LOT more damage per second. When you level up, these three spells will power up if you activate the book again. At level 20 you can get the second power level, and at level 30 you can get the third power level.
    02. Summon Dragon but only when outside. For those times when you want to fight one on your terms. Can also summon a togglable friendly dragon.
    03. Night Mare, a magical horse you can summon or send back home. Fast, durable black horse with glowing blue eyes.
    04. Night Eye - With extended duration. You can cast it again to dispell it should you no longer need it.
    05. Home - A spell that will teleport you home to the towers, and then back to where you came from via the 'Return' selection. It can also send you to one of the major cities or a number of unique locations.
    06. Telekenisis - Strong and costs less to use than the vanilla spell of the same name.
    07. Summon humans - Imperials, Stormcloaks, Bandits and Vampires.
    08. Dimensional Chest - Cast this to open a pocket dimension chest and fill it to reduce your own carry weight.
    09. Mark - Cast on an NPC or actor so they can bypass the exterior force field.
    10. Control Weather - Change the weather in your location to anything you like.
    11. Lightning Blast - Strong lightning bolt with a very long range. I made this to attack dragons flying overhead before they could fly off.
    12. Chameleon - When your sneaking, your detection sneak skill is increased by 100% and your sneak skill is improved by 25.
    13. Harvester - Constant use spell that will auto-harvest many plants, fish and gold thats just lying around. Be careful near towns, it does not check for ownership. Also its range is limited to 3000 units.
    14. Water walking - Cast to make that quick trip accross the water.
    15. Collector - Magically picks up random junk, uncooked foods and drinks, sacks, barrels.
    16. Azura's Word - Adds a perk point to the player.

    *Lots and lots of book cases. Also containers for storing all your scrolls and notes.

    *Great Temple*-------

    *All shrines available.

    *Static Display of each religious necklace.

    *Azura statue in Temple grants Azura's Blessing with 50% protection to fire, frost and shock, and fortifying health, magicka and stamina by 100 for 1 day.

    *Talos statue in Temple grants the Voice of the Sky blessing for 1 day.

    *Mara statue in Temple grants Gift of Charity for one day, which is +10 to speech.

    *Nocturnal statue in Temple grants nocturnals ability to improve your stealth.

    *Activating the brazier at the altar gives you a potion of Buffy Ambrosia. Regenerates health, stamina +50%, resist poison 100, fortify one-handed, marksman and two-handed by 50, resist magic 100%, and instant restore health of 50 points.

    *If you have the Dawnguard DLC, blood chalice and Auriel shrine will spawn.


    *Button to Spawn infinite supply of random soul gems. The higer your level, the better chance for bigger gems. If you crouch, it will spawn filled soul gems.

    *Button to Select soulgems to spawn from a menu list. In crouch mode, you can select 'filled' soulgems.

    *Lockpick training chests of each difficulty level to help you practice your lockpicking skills. They automatically relock when closed.

    *Lockpick spawner next to the practice locking chests.

    *Arrow concentrator crafting table. Turns weaker arrows into stronger versions with little loss of weaker arrow quantity.

    *Shrine of Nocturnals Power allows you to add or remove any of the three nightinggale powers. You can even have all three at once.

    *Potion concentrater crafting table. Will turn 2 weaker potions into 1 stonger potion.

    *Potion grab button near concentrater to move potions from upstairs. Sneak to send them all back.

    *Soul Gem workbench to condense empty lesser soul gems into better soul gems. Also has a hammer to create soul shards from any empty soul gem.

    *Soul gem grab button near concentrater to move soul gems from upstairs. Sneak to send them all back

    *Buttons to increase your Health, Stamina or Magicka by +25 each click. No max so be careful.

    *Button to cleanse you of most of your crimes. Sneak and activate this to see a 'list' of all holds available and how much gold you are wanted for. This will not cleanse any of your crimes.

    *Buttons to increase each of your skills by +1 level (sometimes it will be +2 levels if your already advanced in that particular skill a little bit.) If you crouch and activate the button, you will get a LOT of levels so be careful.

    *Button to add the perk, 'Longer Days, Shorter Nights' which will make the daytime go by at a slower pace, while night time will go by at a faster pace. If you crouch when you activate it, you will get Longer Nights instead.

    *Button to change your characters movement speed, from 100%, to 115%, 130%, 145% or 200%. Use with caution as some game functions also mess with this stat.

    *Button to change your carry weight in amounts of +100, +500, +1000 and -100.

    *Button to gain a dragon soul to use. If you crouch, you can set the number you will get.

    *Button to change your Unarmed Damage in amounts of +1, +10, +25 and -10.

    *Button to change your Critical Chance in amounts of +1, +5, +25 and -5.

    *Button to spawn all the ingots, dragon parts, firewood, leather and leather strips. In sneak mode, you can select the quantity to spawn.

    *Button to spawn all the pelt and fur items. In sneak mode, you can select the quantity to spawn.

    *Button to spawn all the arrows. In sneak mode, you can select the quantity to spawn.

    *Button to know all the ingredients effects for potion making.

    *Button to 'learn' all shout words. You must use a dragon soul to activate them. If you crouch, you will be taught all words and no dragon souls will be required.

    *Button to select what type of armor Night the mare will wear when you summon her. (the horse) If you have a mod that changes horse armors, it will interfer with this selection.

    *Button to add perk: Friendly Trader - Allows you to open the inventory of NPC's and freely trade with them. Player races only, non-vendors. Crouch and activate NPC, select 'Trade' and go wild.

    *Button to add Leveler's perks:
    > +2 Enchantments - You can place 2 more enchantments onto items.
    > +10% Weapon recharge when you kill a monster or creature.
    > Quad-Souls, twice as good as Twin-Souls perk.

    *Holiday settings button where you can turn on or off the holiday decorations.

    *DLC spawn buttons. If you have the DLC loaded, the buttons will appear.

    *Mannequins with special leveler's armors on them.

    *Weapon racks with special leveler's weapons on them.

    *Torture Chamber-------

    *Features the Adventurer's Maze for your evil delight. A number of adventurers try to get through the maze and you try to stop them using the buttons to cast spells down on them. For each kill, you get goodies placed in the rewards chest (in the hallway just outside the control room).

    *There is a sleeping cattle for vampires to feed on.

    *There are two torture victims that you can do what you want with (smack them around a bit, they won't fight back, go anywhere or die).

    *Prison cells added with two victims. You can torch them in their cells.

    *Fence Merchant - Buys stolen goods.

    *Easter Egg room - Can you figure out how to open it? I made this room for my supporters who have donated to this mod. If your a supporter and you wish me to explain how to open this room, send me a PM via the Nexus.
    > Spam and spawner which heals you for 500 points.
    > Posters of all my Leveler's mods I have made in the past.
    > Posters of the 'Ancient Towers' for Oblivion, which was the predecessor of this mod.
    > Some special weapons and a necklace.
    > Button to add the Steam achievements to your account. Includes the DLC.
    > Board with buttons to teleport you to each of the 'Mysterious Gems' locations so you can rebuild the crown of benzirah for the thieves guild.
    > More to come...

    *Paintings - Screen shots for the paintings were created by DarkStone, Victoria and WillieSea
    *Painting Frame mesh - WillieSea
    *Clocks - WillieSea
    *Garden planter boxes mesh - WillieSea
    *Tomato Plant mesh - WillieSea
    *Tomato plant texture - Elinen
    *Apple Trees mesh - WillieSea
    *All Retextures - WillieSea
    *Custom Horse - WillieSea
    *Ambrosia Potion mesh - WillieSea
    *Spoils chest mesh - WillieSea
    *High Definition re-created teleport maps - WillieSea
    *Help with formatting Nexus page - Saiodin

    Wow omg dude that's incredible!!! And all this is tested and working on PS3? What about lag? Does all this awesomeness cause any lagg?

    Thanks again!!
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    Originally Posted by Aesthetic View Post
    thanks Smile

    Np buddy enjoy!!!

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    May 2015
    hi can I put big mod folders in the dawnguard dlc for eg complete visual overhaul mod file or is it only esp bsa esl files?
  6. 04-10-2016, 02:47 AM
    Feb 2011
    Originally Posted by WAFFAHOUSE89 View Post
    Wow omg dude that's incredible!!! And all this is tested and working on PS3? What about lag? Does all this awesomeness cause any lagg?

    Thanks again!!

    No Lag that ive noticed it seems to run great on ps3 but ive only used it on the backup version of the game
  7. 04-10-2016, 02:51 AM
    Feb 2011
    Originally Posted by jordantynan View Post
    hi can I put big mod folders in the dawnguard dlc for eg complete visual overhaul mod file or is it only esp bsa esl files?

    For mods that big and i would think you would have to make a backup of Skyrim then you could add textures and script files
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    But Does it work on BLES?
  10. 06-06-2016, 07:22 AM
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    u need to grab the mysterious golden key off the teble with the wooden laddles XDReaper
  11. 08-04-2016, 03:30 AM
    May 2016
    my skyrim blus30778 ver1.09
    the mod didnt change anything, its not work for me. can u help me?
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    Thanks Waffa<3