Ever since spoofing to 4.66 from 4.46 rebug rex my ps3 hasn't been able to connect to my computer. I use my PS3 in cex. I tried three different spoofers and then tried to remove them. I deactivated one, my ps3 went back to rebug 4.46, and i tried to connect with just ccapi and it didn't work. I then went to rebug toolbox and switched it to REBUG mode from normal and was going to try to connect ccapi again, but it went back to 4.66. Anyway, any help on a way to fix this will be greatly appreciated, I never had connecting issues with my PS3. Thank you
(I heard the spoofers don't allow you to connect because they only work on normal mode; that's why I wanted to deactivate them and then try to connect ccapi.)