Hello, I have been having issues with my Fat ps3. Whenever i open multiman (4.80.00), the introduction screen with the logo loads, and the particle effects come on and the sound is on but the screen is blank. Nothing moves and nothing changes.

Then, i tried to open rebug toolbox and thats where the strange issues come in. The particle effects are there, but the screen flickers and i cannot move anything.

what i have done prior to this problem is: replaced thermal paste and cleaned fan from dust because of overheating.

Heres what ive tried:
*adjusting the ribbon cable for the blu-ray
*reinstalling the homebrews
*updating to version 4.80.1 rebug
*updating rebug toolbox
*switching to CEX using idpset V0.87
*restore database and filesystem from safe mode
*Full HDD format

My cpu and gpu temps are 73 and 63 respectively, if that is of any use. also, multiman says "debug mode" on startup for whatever reason. thats something new i observed