THREAD: GTA 4 - Awesome Glitches/Tricks
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    Glitch 1 - Rapid Fire Glitch found by L7K9/snickers-ftw

    Ok first of all this glitch is only do-able on multiplayer. For best results, collect the following weapons to do it -

    - Pump Action Shotgun
    - Micro Uzi/SMG
    - Any Sniper Rifle

    1) Equip your SMG cover on any wall. Then turn the camera around until your pointing your gun away from the wall, but are still attached to the it.

    2) Start firing your SMG, and while firing switch to your shotgun. If done correctly, your pump-action should start spewing shotgun shells at the rate of your SMG. Not only does this look awesome, but the damage from the shells is monstrous; it is actually like firing a shotgun at the same strength, but just 10x faster. An incredibly effective tactic for blowing up cars. Or people. Whatever floats your boat.

    This effect can be achieved with any 2 weapons (apart from the Rocket Launcher), like if you fire your shotgun and switch to your pistol while firing it you will fire *and* reload your pistol like it was a shotgun.

    Glitch 2 - Throw your weapons found by L7K9

    This glitch uses the same technique as the glitch above, but gives quite different results. To do this glitch you will need the following -

    - Grenades
    - Any other weapon

    1) Cover on any wall, and pull out your grenades.

    2) Throw a grenade, and just before you do, pull out another weapon. If done correctly you should have thrown your weapon away instead of the grenade, ridding it from your weapons and firing one of its bullets. (Note if you do this with the RPG, throw the grenade a significant distance from you, or the rocket will kill you)

    Glitch 3 - Alternate Swingset of Death effects

    A very easy glitch, but can take a while. Simply keep jumping and hanging of the swingset and eventually, after many monkey-like swings and hard splats against the concrete, you should be flung up hundreds of metres into the air, and you should also survive the fall. (This glitch seems to work better when you do it with someone else.)

    Glitch 4 - Car lowering

    Please note this glitch is very hard to do. If you manage to do it without destroying your car, why not take a pic and post it somewhere on the website?

    To do this gltich you need -

    - Micro Uzi
    - Any Shotgun
    - Preferably a car with lots of health

    1) Take the car to a nice open space, preferably with lots of sunlight.

    2) Pull out either one of the guns suggested above, and keep shooting the rim of the car, just behind each wheel. You should notice the car starts to lower, the tires popping not being the cause. The lowering effect works better if you try not to pop the tires, but still works if you accidently do pop them.

    3) If you manage to lower all 4 wheels without blowing up your vehicle, take it for a spin. Beware though, driving over a health pack will reset the lowering effect.

    Glitch 5 - Permanent Invisibility

    Please note this glitch is only possible on single player.

    You will need -

    - Packie's car bomb
    - Combat Sniper

    1) Once you collect one of Packies bombs, head to the hospital in north algonquin. Head down the hill slightly south of the hospital, and stop when your at the crossroads.

    2) Find a cab but do NOT hail it. When it stops plant the bomb on the cab and get in. Select any destination and very quickly detonate the bomb though the phones menu.

    3) After you die, you should respawn at the hospital north from you. After this simply aim you sniper rifle all the way down the southern road you can, without moving from the spot you respawned at.

    4) When you come out of the scope, you should be totally invisible. =D

    A few tips -

    - Enter the cheat for the NRG900 motorbike (625 555 0100) and ride around on a bike with no rider!
    - This glitch will reset when you either die, or get out of a cab after a cab journey.
    - Despite your invisibility, pedestrians and the police will still react as if you were visible.

    Glitch 6 - Surviving fire

    Very, very easy. More of a trick, but what the hell. Only works on multiplayer.

    1) Only one step for this one. When your on fire, simply pause the game and wait for the fire to go away. To see when the fire is gone, switch over to the 'Brief' menu, where you'll be able to see yourself.

    Trick 1 - Van Spinning

    This very amusing trick is one of the easiest to accomplish, providing you have the right vehicle.

    Here are a list of vehicle that work well with the glitch -

    - Bus (those big long green things in Star Junction in Algonquin)
    - Those White vans at the airport (very efficient, as they're located where you acctually do the trick)
    - Ambulance

    1) Once you've got your vehicle of choice from the list above, drive to the airport. You need to find those thin black ramps dotted around the tarmac.

    2) When you find one, drive the vehicle over it so it flips onto its side. Its easiest to do in the bus, probably hardest in the abulance.

    3) When the vehicle is on its side simply push and hold the Left stick up or down. The van will spin very fast on its side.

    This trick is awesome to do with loads of other people on party mode. Do the trick and get loads of people to run into the vehicle, and the fast spinning will bat them away.

    Trick 2 - Rocket Launcher Jumps

    Easiest trick of all. And great for reaching high places.

    1) Set up a match with friendly fire on, and the default weapon set as rocket launchers.

    2) Start the match, and blow yourself up.

    3) When you respawn, blow yourself up again. You will not die, instead you will just fly really high into the air.

    If you angle the rocket correctly you can use this trick to reach high up buildings.

    Thanks for reading. Rep+ if you liked.
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    This is awesome thank you. I didn;t know there were any glitches for GTA4 Gasp