THREAD: How to get back online with CFW! || *After OFW 4.70* *Cobra*
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    Hey guys, I'll Be posting a Text tut on how to get back online with cobra after the release of sony's OFW 4.70!
    I am not the founder of this method, Credit goes to LucidPerceptions. I thought would post a tutorial on his behalf and for the people that don't understand how to use his method in a more advanced explanation.

    First Step:
    Download the latest version of PSN Patch (4.66.33)
    Download PSN Patch:
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    and install the .pkg file on your CFW

    Second Step:
    Download my edited .cfg file
    Download .Cfg:
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    Third Step:
    Now, Once you have Installed PSN Patch on your CFW and downloaded the .cfg file you want to go to multiman. Once you are in multiman, on your PC load FileZilla, (If you do not have FileZilla Here Is a download link:
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    Once you have loaded FileZilla, connect your target then follow this path: /dev_hdd0/game/BLJS10018/USRDIR
    Then replace the psnpatch.cfg file with the psnpatch.cfg file you downloaded from this thread.

    Fourth Step:
    Once you have done that, exit multiman and load up PSN Patch 4.66.33.
    Now. Press the "select button" and you should notice that you have been givin the option to spoof to 4.70.
    Select that option and continue with the procedure.
    Your PS3 will Restart and you will be spoofed to 4.70!

    Fifth step:
    Before you try to sign into PSN please wipe your history using PSNinja! As there is still a ban possibilty!(This method will not work if you have a banned IDPS! Please make sure you have Non-banned IDPS before you try signing in!

    Sixth Step:
    Load your game through XMB menu and not multiman!
    Be sure to spoof your IDPS aswell before playing any online games.

    Virus Scan for .cfg File: You must login or register to view this content.

    NOTE: This has only been tested and confirmed working on Habib 4.66!
    (If you have problems with the tutorial and you are a DEX user, I suggest converting to CEX Habib 4.66 then trying, As this method does tend to work most of the time for CEX users, Including myself.)

    Enjoy online again! Drack
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