Hello guys.
1 year ago I Made same post saying that my PS2 ISO Game Crash Twinsanity was unplayable (as said on PS2 compatibility list).
Now PS2 compatibility list has been updated, and it says “With CONFIG file, in PAL version it is playable but You can’t load saves” (so You have to complete the game with never turning off PS3, and however it is not true Because It still freezes sometimes) “and in NTSC version you can Play normally but the Game freeze can occur” (it is not CAN occur but MUST occur, it keeps freezes after 2 minutes of playing).

Is there nothing I can do to bypass those problems? I have tried ManaGunZ adding file LIMG (or something like that), but still nothing.
This is Why i was wondering 1 year ago if there is a way to transform .ISO file in .pkg file, maybe it works in .pkg version? Or not?
Help please, tell me something, John Snow don’t move my post, answer me, contact someone that knows modding PS3 and tell him to answer me! Ahahahah What the hell...