THREAD: PS3 General and Modding FAQ, Guides and Useful Information
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    This thread will include questions and answers as well as guides and will serve as a reference to the most common and easy-to-answer questions and easy-to-solve problems. It will be expanded upon with more questions and their respective answers and guides as time goes by. There will be a notes and abbreviations sections at the bottom of the this thread for terms and any notes I want to add that I don't consider too important to be added in the main sections of this thread. Please don't skip sections or parts because you can get confused especially if you are a beginner. This guide is intended mainly for intermediate users but beginners should be to understand most parts as well, so without a further ado let's start and if you want to help expand it with more questions and/or answers leave a reply or message me.

    FW related Questions and Answers

    Q1: I frequently get the "plug in your controller and press SELECT + START buttons" or "The system software couldn't be run properly" screens, What shall I do?

    A1: You should try and reinstall the CFW version you currently use or even update to a newer one. Shall fix such issues most of the time.

    Q2: How can I update my CFW or OFW?

    A2: First you will need the updater file either from Sony's website if you want OFW or from any CFW team's site if you want CFW (for CFW I suggest using Rebug), then make sure the file is named to "PS3UPDAT.PUP" (w/o quotes), so make two folder labeled "PS3" and "UPDATE" respectively (MUST be caps and w/o quotes). after that's done place the updater file inside the folder labeled "UPDATE" and then that folder inside the other one and after that's done place the folder labeled "PS3" inside a USB and plug it in your PS3 console and select the system software update from the XMB menu.
    NOTE: the OFW updater can be found here: You must login or register to view this content.

    Q3: I want to convert to CFW (jailbroken/modded ps3 console), how should I go about that? (Prepare to read)

    A3: Woah mate, Wait a second. If you really want to go about jailbreaking/modding your console you must take into consideration the following facts. Unless you are very lucky or know what you are doing you will end up getting banned... A LOT, and to get unbanned it costs money. Also not all consoles can be jailbroken/modded. you must own a fat or a slim console. NOTE: if you have a slim console, make sure the CECH-xxxx serial code is either 2xxx or 25xx and not 3xxx, don't worry a reference picture with all compatible console will be linked below. Also be prepared to get booted offline and get console frozen a lot cause that is what almost everyone with a jailbroken console does these days. So you still want to do it? then you have to learn a few things first (for your own and your console's good). Don't go in blindly cause it will most definitely not end well.
    Got all that? Great as of the time of this thread being written there are two different ways to jailbreak a compatible console. The easy way requires you to be on OFW version 4.82 (NOT 4.83 as of yet) and also to go to You must login or register to view this content. from your PS3's browser. You can follow their tutorial You must login or register to view this content..
    The other way is the use of a flasher like E3 Nor Flasher (if you have a NOR board) or teensy++ (if you have a NAND board). It is suggested only for advanced users with basic soldering knowledge etc and requires a lot of patience. I can not help you with this one or the thread would be ridiculously long. I am afraid you will have to google the steps.

    Q4: I want to revert back to OFW, how can I do it?

    A4: Well that is easy. All you have to do is be on a CEX CFW and just update or reinstall the FW but using the updater .pup file from sony via the method described in A2. You can find it here: You must login or register to view this content.

    Q5: I am on x.xx.xx CFW version and want to downgrade to x.xx.xx version? Should I go back to 3.55 and then update?

    A5: NO. You should not downgrade to 3.55 cause there is absolutely no reason for you to do so and you can also cause problems to your console's functionality. All you need to do is to have the QA flags toggled (you can do that from rebug toolbox). then you can jump between any CFW versions as long are both either DEX if you are on DEX or CEX if you are on CEX.

    CFW related Questions, Answers and Guides

    FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: I keep getting error code 8002A224, am I banned?

    A1: No you are not banned. This code means that the CID you have set currently is not working or in other words it doesn't exist/ it's fake. That usually happens if you just converted to DEX in which case you can fix it by setting the original CID on boot via CCAPI or Webman. Basically your target ID has changed when you converted to DEX so the front part of your CID changed to 82. switch it back to whatever it was. A picture will be left at the bottom of the thread referencing all target IDs and what region they are.

    Q2: Can I use a mod menu / EBOOT / RTM Tool on OFW?

    A2: Nope you can't use a menu or an RTM Tool. If you are lucky you may be able to create a backup and use eboot mods that way, but it's not guaranteed to work and your chances of getting banned are high. Just don't do it

    Q3: My console and/or account is banned, can I unban myself?

    A3: You can unban your console ONLY IF you are on CFW. To do that you need to set a new CID with CCAPI or Webman or any other way you want. Account bans can not be lifted.

    Q4: Can I have a mod menu on my account?

    A4: NOPE. Mod Menus are local files, They CAN NOT be set on accounts.

    Q5: How do I install a package (.pkg file)?

    A5: All you have to do is either copy the file to your usb and plug it on your ps3 or copy the file to "dev_hdd0/packages/". Once that is done from the XMB menu go to "package installer" or "Install package files", hit X, then hit X on install package files and finally selecting the package you want and hitting one last time X.

    Q6: How do I install downloaded games?

    A6: WARNING: No warez are allowed on NGU so don't post nor ask for such files. Warez are pirated copies of games or DLC or any paid product that has been pirated.
    Now that this is stated. All you need to do is either have the game in an appropriate folder structure or have its ISO. Place the folders in "dev_hdd0/GAMES/" or the ISO in "dev_hdd0/PS3ISO/". Create either folder if it doesn't exist already. Now reboot your console.

    Q7: How do I create a game backup?

    A7: If you have a game disc and want to make a back up of it you will need multiman and enough HDD space. just put the disc in the br disc drive of your console and fire up multiman. Find the disc on the Games column of multiman (should have a disc icon near the game), hover over it and hit triangle. Then just select Copy then select the location (HDD) and let it finish.

    Q8: How do I update my PS3's CCAPI?

    A8: Download the latest CCAPI version from You must login or register to view this content. extract the package as well as the installer exe file from the archive. Install the exe on your PC. Using A5 as reference install the package. If done correctly a new option called "Control Console API version x.xx" should be presented below the package manager. Open it then check if it says *INSTALL* if so go ahead and click x again and wait till it reboots. If it says "CFW version not supported" you need a newer CCAPI version.

    Q9: How do I use TMAPI?

    A9: Make sure you are on DEX and look at the guide posted below.

    Q10: How to mod Games?

    A10: All you need is either an RTM Tool for the game or a Mod Menu or even a modded Game Save.


    Q :

    A :

    CFW Guides, Important Information, FYIs

    TMAPI Installation/Usage: This is kind of advanced but here is what has worked for me so far. You can choose to use the guide that uses shared internet connection between your console and TMAPI You must login or register to view this content. or this guide. For this guide both your PS3 and PC must be on the same network, its best to be wired to your router. Install either v420 or v470 of TMAPI (It is considered warez so find it yourself on google) and install it (I use v470). Make sure your PS3 has the following 3 Debug settings like this:

    Debug Option Value
    Release Check Mode Development Mode
    Boot Mode System Software Mode
    Network Settings for Debug Single Settings

    After that just try to find your console's IP on TMAPI and should connect

    Safe modding online/Stay unbanned longer: If you want to stay online longer and not burn through CIDs all you have to do is simple. Don't attract attention to yourself. Honestly don't be a dick. Also if you like using PSN Patcher, SEN Enabler or Webman to hide yourself you can do it but don't use PS ninja as its very outdated. One last trick that will keep you online for longer is to always spoof using CCAPI your CID to a random or banned one after you sign in.

    How to install SPRX files and get them to work: This is universal for all SPRX Menus out there, although almost all have instructions I'll just add it here. So grab your SPRX and copy it to "dev_hdd0/tmp/" on your PS3, get the eboot given to you and paste it to "dev_hdd0/game/(game's region code)/USRDIR", finally boot up the game and you are done.

    Abbreviations, Notes, Credits


    CFW: Custom Firmware
    OFW: Official Firmware
    PS3: PlayStation 3
    TMAPI: Target Manager API (Sony's own program to control your PS3)
    CCAPI: Control Console API (Made by FM|T Enstone and IMCSx)
    NGU: You must login or register to view this content. (this site xD)
    RTM: Real Time Modding
    RTE: Real Time Editing
    SPRX: plugn format the PS3 uses
    XMB: XrossMediaBar (PS3's GUI, what you see once you boot your PS3 up before playing a game or opening an app)

    Notes and Useful Links

    You must login or register to view this content. will show you what PS3's can be downgraded and jailbroken Take a look at the last column (Downgradeable min. praxis) if the box is red you cant downgrade or jailbreak your console. For the yellow boxes depends. For the rest it's ok.

    You must login or register to view this content. shows you all Target IDs (used to fix 8002A224 error after converting to DEX)


    Credits deserve every developer who made everything we have today possible.
    Sony for creating the console
    Everyone else who contributed one way or the other, they are too many to add. I am sorry Happy
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