Hello there, so last year i made posts on other forums asking for help with reverse engineering the Ace Combat Infinity game files which contain 3D models, textures, and makes use of the same engine from Ace Combat Assault Horizon and MachStorm.

Considering this is a niche game, and programmers don't wanna be forced to do something they don’t feel like doing, i knew it was something that wasn’t going to draw that much attention, and according to other programmers i made contact with, they said the encryption of the game containers is hard to bypass thanks to the hardcoded XOR encryption.

During that period, i started to tweak and learn about editing EBOOT.bin/.elf files with IDA Pro debugger, but it's something that demands patience, and a certain degree of knowledge. In a more detailed explanation:

Tools required:
-IDA Pro 6.8 or Higher
-IDA Keystone(https://www.keystone-engine.org/) *optional
-Python 2.5.x
-RPCS3 *optional
-The game itself plus its updates, because this EBOOT is made for the 2.11 version (because of forum rules you need to search for the solution)
-TrueAncestor SELF Resigner


"Patching the Game"
-This game works as an online service F2P game, so each address group uses a different set of strings to run the online server confirmation (which is currently down).
*-With IDA Keystone, you can assign the subroutine names without the default limit IDA has for Linux ELF structures;
-Use the Strings tab to search for the functions by their default in-game name, the strategy suggested is for patching all of them(which are subroutine), making it bypass the PSN authentication and the server check, also it would fool the game into confirming the online server check, so you can play game modes like the campaign (online modes aren't a priority because they require more engineering tweaks).

"Repackaging the game"
-Drag the EBOOT.ELF on the fself.bat, or using the Resigner CMD options to build a Debug EBOOT.BIN
-You need to move the included raps and keys.txt to the folder of your Resigner for decrypt and encrypt the EBOOT

"Running the game"
-Download the base game plus its updates along with RPCS3.
-Download Sony's official OFW .PUP file, and install it on the emulator by clicking on File > Install Firmware.
-Install the Base game first by clicking into File > Install .pkg, then install the game updates one by one until you have it on 2.11.
-Replace the original EBOOT from the game with the one you build with Resigner
-If it doesn't work go back to the first part of the process.
*-CFW or HFW system are alternatives for testing

The main goal here is to have someone patch the game's binary like the NoPSN patches by Escort, and SaveMGO's MGO2 online fix. Making the game’s online functions to work again isn’t my priority, since it’s more demanding and also because it would need a public server network to run a project like that, running the offline functions would be enough. If someone is interested in patching it we’ll use that to work on debugging the game models and textures with VRAM dump using my CFW PS3. Good luck to everyone.