THREAD: Ratchet & Clank Q-Force (Full Frontal Assault) Platinum Save-Set
  1. 12-24-2012, 02:15 PM
    Feb 2012
    Hello everyone,
    i bring you a Save-set Ratchet & Clank Q-Force save (Full frontal Assault in the US).

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    You will be able to unlock following trophies with it, i already tested it on a dummy account and it worked:

    QForce Master:Unlocked for earning the rank of Master.
    Just go to the computer behind your ship where you begin press triangle and accept the promotion with the X button and you will get the trophy.

    Crushed Ice:Shatter 25 frozen enemies.
    Just go to any level and choose the Cryoshot weapon use it on an ennemy until he shatters and the trophy will unlock, attention as it doesn't work on the little ennemies just the bigger ones.

    Intergalactic Dance Party:Get at least 1 of every enemy in the game to dance by using the Groovitron. (Any Mode)
    Just go to any level and play until you are able to get the Groovitron weapon, use it on any ennemy to get the trophy.

    Peace through Ridiculous Firepower: Land the killing blow on 10 Grungarian tanks.
    Just play any level where the tanks spawn, kill one and you'll get the trophy.

    Save Ammo, Smack a Fool : Defeat 50 Grungarian Brawlers using your melee weapon.
    Go to any level where you can meet these guys, defeat one of them with your wrench only by pressing the square button and the trophy will unlock.

    Smorgasbord of Destruction:Buy one of each available turret type in any level. (Any mode)
    Go to any level and get money until you have enough to buy one of each turret model, buy one of each and the trophy will pop.

    Variety is the Spice of Life: Use every weapon in the game at least once.
    Go to any level and choose Buzz Blades, kill one ennemy with them and the trophy will pop, it must be done with this weapon as it is the only one i never used during my campaign.

    Maybe it is possible that other trophies pop along your progress, if you manage to unlock other trophies just let me know so i can update the thread.
    I didn't try to unlock the multiplayer trophies but if someone wants to give it a try and report it would be great, i don't know if multiplayer data is stored on the save or online.

    Ready for Armageddon : Play any level until you get the Sonic Eruptor Weapon, kill 1 ennemy with it and you'll get the "ready for armageddon" trophy for all weapons to level 3, you can choose Korgon Raffinery Level and as soon as you begin the Level go to the Weapon Node on the Hill that's on the left where you begin you will be able to get the Sonic Eruptor from there. Credits go to chaos_angel for this one don't forget to thank him

    IronMadMan & Over the Top: Just use the save BornofOsiris has posted in his thread here:
    You must login or register to view this content., run for a few seconds for Ironmadman troph, finish any level with any time at the end for Over the Top Trophy, note that all the other trophies can also be achieved with this save by doing the requirement once, the only trophy not obtainable with this save is Q Force Master.
    Don't forget to thank Bornofosiris for this save.

    Platiunm saveset is now complete, all remaining trophies are story trophies that will unlock by playing through campaign mode once and online trophies which can be done in less then an hour
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