THREAD: DARK SOULS II: Scholar of The First Sin Ultra Modded MEGA Mule (Digital) [CUSA01760]
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    I noticed a lack of DS2 saves.

    Here is my personal modded save for your personal pleasure.

    Sorry if thread is poorly formatted, blame ngu

    (Removed link to post new save; will be up this month)

    And a note to anyone who wants to spread toxicity over the wait:
    I am currently improving the old save, please be patient. The old mule was missing a lot of weapons and didn't follow typical "mega mule" structure. Expect a way cooler save by the end of Spooktober, or before then.


    Dark Souls 2 is a trashy online experience as-is, so I am asking for you to please do not misuse this online.

    Don't invade noobs with 0 SM while you are max level and shit. Don't play arena with modded rings and shit. Don't be an asshole! Play offline!

    Save Contents

    =Two mega modded characters, all end-game, NG+1: Frenzied Snake, One-Shot Snake=

    -Max Souls on player

    -Max Souls in bloodstain on ground in Majula next to bonfire

    -Level negative whatever (1 in all stats)

    -All weapons, most weapons have at least 5 or more of them in storage or on hand.

    -All spells on hand or in storage*

    -All covenants unlocked (not maxed, don't know how to do that)

    -All keys

    -Most bonfires unlocked (lazy)

    -Lots of modded infusions and weapon upgrades (courtesy of Roy)

    -All rings with shit ton of dupes in storage

    -All arrows maxed in storage and on hand

    -Game save destroying weapons both placed on ground in Majula near bonfire and near bonfire in Cardinal Tower*

    -Cardinal Tower features a large muling room for people who don't own Save Wizard, complete with important covenant item stacks, covenant rings, upgrade materials, Estus flask shards, one of every spell (excluding hexes; fuck hexes), and more (to come). Item drop limit at its max, so I need to find a better place to put more stuff.

    -Lots of broken staves and other various modded stuff for shits and giggles.

    =2 legit mid-level invaders: Shrek, and Newmann=

    -Some weapons for their imagined vocation of ogre and assassin.

    -Some rings for PvP

    -Early game, high level. Latest game bonfire is Heide's 2.

    -Not for muling

    =1 early game legit character: Internet Guy=

    -1080p Soul Memory (unintentional)

    -Most weapons (mini-mule)

    -Epic meme

    -For playing legit

    =2 literal meme characters: Darkness, Kratos=

    -just memes

    -kratos was a test character, so he is mid-game with basic stuff and max souls

    -not fun

    Feel free to change character names and make changes to the save. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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