THREAD: [EU: CUSA01244] Final Fantasy X HD Remaster - Blitzball Master Trophy Save.
  1. 12-18-2019, 05:12 PM
    Jan 2019
    Here's a save for blitzball master in Final Fantasy X HD Remaster.

    This is the EU version, Firmware: 7.1, Game Version: 1.01

    Simply resign the save, load Blitzball and win the final tournament game.
    Tidus and Keepa are lv 99. You should win easily.

    Additional trophies such as Perfect Sphere Master may also unlock.
    Character stats are maxed, along with all sphere grids - but weapons, items and equipment remain untouched.
    This is an early save in Moonflow.

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    Haven't posted on here for a long time - any problems with the thread post please let me know.
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