THREAD: [EU] FFX HD Remaster - Jupiter Sigil. CUSA01244
  1. 12-19-2019, 04:13 PM
    Jan 2019
    Following my previous upload - I have included a save for Wakka's Jupiter Sigil.
    This is the EU PS4 Version. Resign with Save Wizard.

    The save is in Macalania Woods. This is the earliest point in the game I could obtain the Sigil -

    Load the file and select Blitzball from the save sphere.
    simply play the last league game to obtain the Sigil, you do not need to win the game - you can forfeit if you wish.
    You will obtain the Sigil as the league prize.

    The save file has purposely been uploaded at an early point - to allow you to continue the story without having to play anymore Blitzball.

    You still need to obtain the Weapon blanks and celestial mirror. The barkeeper in Luca will give you the blank weapon; as you will have met the requirements
    for total games won.

    As with the previous upload, all sphere grids and character stats are maxed. Additional trophies may unlock.

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