Hi I am using system firmware 5.50. I have a few questions about the save editors out there -

1. Will using someone else's save (lets say a platinum save) after resigning, on my PS4 cause my PSN account to get banned when trophies sync online?
2. I know that using cheats online will definitely get you banned (obvious). But does using resigned saves cause any issues / bans?
3. Can I load a cheat (say unlimited health), get all desired trophies (while playing offline), and then remove the cheat in the save? After this is it safe to sync trophies with my PSN id?
4. Can someone give me a few examples of how the PS4 Save Wizard can be used? (I just want to justify spending $60 on it)

I am sorry if the questions seem noobish but there's so much info on the forum and I could not find specific answers. Thanks!