Hi All

If somebody much smarter than me could give me some info.

A while ago, a friend gave me his Witcher 3 (CUSA01440) CD en I played, then I downloaded it from store but my savegame was not compatible
Thanks to Save Wizard I was simplu able to import content of 1 Region's Savegame to the other.
This worked like a charm.

Now, few months later, My buddy wants to switch from his Witcher 3 to downloaded Witcher3 Game Of the Year edition.
I thought to myself, easy. lets do the same
However, no success here.
When I export save data from CUSA01440 en import it to CUSA05572 it doesn't load the savegame,
1. telling him the savegame is a newer version, while they both were done with Witcher 3 v1.60
2. the thumbmail of the destination savegame did not change, its seems unchanges while I verified with an md5sum before and after and the destination file was altered as it should.

Has anybody ever experienced this issue? perhaps I am missing something.
Would there be a compatibility issue? both games are Witcher 3 v1.0, but just different Regions (01140 and 05572)