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    Hello PlayStation Community! I had a scroll through the PS4 Questions and Support pages and read a few repeat threads, so with this I have decided to create a FAQ. (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Q. I share my console with my brother, are we both able to active the console as our Primary Console?
    A. Yes! It works much like it did on the PlayStation 3. You can activate as many accounts as you want on your PlayStation 4, but the difference between the PS3 and PS4 is you can only activate one console. (No sharing with your friends, sorry!) If you want to activate another console, you'll have to deactivate your current.

    Q. What do I gain by activating my console as my primary?
    A. By Activating your console as your Primary Console to your PlayStation Account, anyone who uses that PlayStation can use games that you download, you can pre-order items via the PlayStation App and have them download directly to your console, you can use remote play, and anyone can use your PlayStation Plus Subscription!

    Q. Am I able to use an analog TV instead of HDTV?
    A. Sadly, no. You will have to have a HD TV If you want to use the PlayStation 4 console.

    Q. Am I able to use PlayStation 3 DLC on the PlayStation 4?
    A. Yes... and No. If you purchased, for example, the Season Pass for Call Of Duty: Ghost on the PlayStation 3, you can upgrade it to the PlayStation 4 version, however you will not be able to use the DLC on your PlayStation 3 anymore.

    Q. I have Battlefield 4 on my PS3 and PS4, Do I have two different trophy lists?
    A. Yes. If you have a game for the PlayStation 4, that you had on the PlayStation 4 you will have different trophy lists.. More trophies!

    Q. Do I have to pay for PlayStation Plus to play online?
    A. Yes. You are required to have an active PlayStation Plus subscription to play online.

    Q. Will I ever be able to play online without PlayStation Plus?
    A. Generally speaking, No. However, there are some Free-to-play games on the PlayStation Store that you can download. These are, but not limited to, Warframe, Blacklight Retribution and DC Universe.

    Q. Do I need PlayStation Plus to share my content online?
    A. You do not need a PlayStation Plus subscription to stream (Twitch etc), nor do you need a subscription to share videos, screenshots etc.

    Q. My friend just bought Killzone, am I able to use his copy on my console to test it?
    A. Yes. PlayStation 4 Disc Based Games are not locked to one console. You are able to trade, sell, steal games at your will without being restricted.

    Q. Will the PlayStation 4 use Online Passes for games such as Battlefield?
    A. Sony based games will not use Online Passes, but this does not stop third party companies from using them. However, many companies dropped out of this system last year, so it is very unlikely to find a game that will use them in the future.

    Q. I've been banned, What can I do?
    A. As bans go through Sony Entertainment themselves, we are unable to do anything for you. However, you can phone up Sony and find out why you were banned, and if it is a permanent ban or a temporary. You can get a list of their contact emails and phone numbers You must login or register to view this content..

    I have looked through the pages of the Questions and answered as many in this one section that I could think of answering. If you ever have a question, please do not hesitate to PM me and I will attempt to answer it for you. I will also add the Q/A to this thread for others to use in the near future.

    Thank you for using NextGenUpdate as your main source of information, and we hope we've helped!

    - NextGenUpdate Staff.
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