How To Fix "No Signal/Input Not Supported" Screen[/FONT][/B]

Input Not Supported:

Step 1: Make sure you have your system off.

Step 2: Hold your power button until 3 beeps, it should turn off by itself.

Step 3: Hold your power button again until you hear 2 beeps, then after that 2nd beep. You should hear THREE rapidly beeps. Here's a retarted example ( Beep........ Beep..... *BEEPBEEPBEEP* )

Step 4: Now, you should be in a Safe Mode screen, make sure you have your PS4 controller plugged in from your USB Charger.

Step 5: Find the option where it says " HD Resolution" or "Change Resolution" Click on it and just follow the instructions.

Step 6: Your Monitor/TV should now be working, and you will be able to see gameplay.

No Signal:

The reason why you couldn't see your screen is because there is three problems of your screen hasn't worked yet:

1.) If you were on a TV, and your PS4's resolution was on 1080P. Then, you switched TV's/Monitor that could only support a lower resolution such as 720P. Obviously, your PS4 is going to be stuck on 1080P, and that's why it wont read the TV/Monitor. Try to go back to the old TV, and lower your resolution. Now, you can go back and try it again on your new screen.

2.) This is plain and simple, just tighten up your HDMI cords or any cord you are using. They might be loose in some way.

3.) TV's have different HDMI settings, for an example: My TV says " TV / HDMI 1 / HDMI 2 / HDMI 3 / HDMI 4 / PC " Just press INPUT on your TV Controller and try to choose every HDMI Option (HDMI 2 Recommended), your PS4 should connected to your screen now.

Hope this tutorial helped all of you out.

Cheers, Lwja

How To: Force Stuck PS4 Games to Eject![/COLOR]

Hello guys, this is Hydrogen bringing you a tutorial! Does your PS4 games ever get stuck inside your console? You try pressing the button, or try ejecting it from your controller, but it is actually stuck? No need to worry, this tutorial will help you out. Quick reminder: if you have a CUH-1200 PS4 Model this may not work, sorry. Anyways,[/COLOR]

What You Need:
Your Hands
Phillip's Screwdriver (Try any small screwdriver)

First Step: Okay, so what you're going to do now is head on over to your PS4, and make sure you have unplugged it. Hold your PS4 infront of you where your HDD is at. Just find the shiny part of the PS4, and put your two hands on it, and pull it down. It should like this:
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Second Step: Okay, now this should be simple as well, but the only complex thing is to find the little screw. Just use a flashlight, and it will be simple to find. Here is an example where to find the screw in the PS4: You must login or register to view this content. Once you have found it, which should end up hiding and looking exactly like this: You must login or register to view this content. You will need to pull out your small screwdriver and place it on the screw. Make SURE you unscrew it COUNTER-CLOCKWISE Just stick that screwdriver deep inside that screw, and twist it to the left. That's it. Keep on turning it to the left until you see your disc slowly coming out the Disk Tray. No need to worry, and try twisting the screw back to the right. Just put the HDD Lid back on, and whenever you put a disk inside your PS4, the screw will go back into place by itself manually.

There you have it! Hope this tutorial helps you all from the Questions & Support section from NextGenUpdate!

Cheers, Hydrogen Hi

How To: Unlock Secondary Account Games on Main Account[/COLOR]

Hello Guys! This is Hydrogen bringing you back another tutorial for those who are asking this question a lot. If your main account can play the games/DLC's you buy off the PS Store, but when you log in into another account it shows this icon:

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This is the tutorial to remove the lock so you can play it on other sub accounts :p

First Step: Go to the main account on your PS4 you bought the Game/DLC. Head on over to Settings > PSN > Activate as your Primary PS4

If this does not let you play them still, go down and choose "Restore Licenses" Choose "Restore" and wait for the process to end.

Now, go into the account you want to play on, and it should be unlocked for you! :p

Hope this works for you all!

Cheers, Hydrogen Hi