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Buy 1 item = Crapshoot, A Real Customer, VVVIP, Equipment Specialist

use the grave at the start = Grave Robber

Open 1 Chest = Lucky? Unlucky? , Master of Chest opening, Doll of Chest Opening

Get 1 coin = Golden Coin I, Golden Coin II, Golden Coin III

Kill 1 monster = Novice Warrior, Advanced Warrior, Monster Hunter

Destroy 1 Tower = Tower Visitor, Tower Destroyer, Tower Disaster

Teleport 1 time = Indomitable Explorer , Veterang Explorer , Master Explorer

Drink 1 of each potion = Vampire, Energizer, Speed star

Die 1 time = Meet again, Don't Give Up

Open 1 golden chest = Find treasure, Treasure Detector, Treasure Hunter

Kill 1 Cube = Winner, Conqueror

Auto pops = Elite Hunter

Best thing is to play the game on the normal way and the trophies will pop here and there

The Trophies in this game seem to be really buggy it can take mins before the trophies pop