THREAD: Fallout 4 GOTY - Benevolent Leader & …The Harder They Fall Save [CUSA03701]
  1. 08-15-2019, 03:39 AM
    Oct 2015
    Hi, this is my personal save collection to get 2 trophies.

    […The Harder They Fall] Load save 15 and kill behemoth just right on your face. I already set the difficulty to very easy.
    [Benevolent Leader] Load save 16 and just wait in red rocket which has 99% happiness around 15 minutes to reach 100% happiness.
    If it doesn't pop for you, sleep and/or fast travel to other location and wait for another few minutes.

    and i'm still working on Mercenary trophy or if you want to do this by yourself, buy vertibird signal grenade that sold by Proctor Teagan aboard the Prydwen.
    Call it, ride then leave. You don't need to travel with it. Repeat it ~14 times with my save.

    This save may unlock other trophies which i already complete it and only those above + prankster's return trophy left.
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