THREAD: Rocket League Platinum Save + Majorty of the DLC [CUSA01433]
  1. 08-04-2017, 12:29 PM
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    Has all DLC Exept the 2 Latest ones

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    Originally Posted by Le View Post
    played one game and unlocked 3 trophy's Stocked, The Streak and battle car collector will probably unlock more but I had some unlocked already.

    Originally Posted by xSOADx View Post
    I already got platinum and first 2 dlc comleted

    I shot on goal (i dont know which map it was) and got rocket genocider [make 535 shots on goal/gold trophy]

    After match ended i got brave the elements[complete a game on 3 different maps, dont remember the names]

    Probably more can be unlocked, i wasnt able to get a goal, ill test it again tomorrow

    Originally Posted by xSOADx View Post
    I did damage to the floor in dropshot and got buckminster x10 trophy

    I scored a goal in dropshot and got Full course & coming on strong trophies

    Then i played rumble and activated a power up with L3 and got Infinite power trophy
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