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    VERSION v4.0 RELEASED 6/29/2011
    OK Here it is v4.0 I will only update this if bugs appear. Also if want to know how to do something in the game read the handy instructions below.If you have a question please just post it in this thread and quote me I will respond and quote you. That way I will not have to answer the same question 50 times.

    I included in the download everything you need to edit the patch yourself. All the gsc's and FFManager. There are no instructions on how to do this but it has everything you need to do it. Just try and leave my name in it if you do. Thanks.

    What's v4.0 New

    • Custom Map Edits to all the Map Pack Maps. Broadcast, Chinatown, Creek, and Killhouse.
    • LUCK. You earn Luck by not camping. Each time you get some luck you get something cool. Including the Shaker Gun. Also if you become a zombie whatever Luck you earned as a human will get you free stuff.
    • Online Play. In ground war you don't have to worry about having to skip Domination matches. You can play in Domination and Free-For All and it will still work without time/score limits, and teams. In Domination you can capture the flags but they don't effect the game.
    • All the bugs that were told to me, and many you didn't. Have been fixed. (you only have to go to a private match once to get force host. No using custom classes, and many more. Many other problems fixed, Faster triggers for bomber zombies. If you told me about it and it was something that wasn't suppose to be there I fixed it.
    • Tech Shield is much more powerful now. It reduces damage by half for Exploding Dragon to those that have it. It reduces damage by half from the spinning shield also. It also make the Ice and Shaker Guns just guns to you. Fling Trap also will not effect you.
    • DEMO MODE is now a Ranked Match, earning 1500xp per kill. If you are a Zombie you can become human, by pressing L2, R2, Square then press dpad up x2. you can rank up really fast by doing this. Holding the Melee button for 6 seconds, will unlock all challenges, attachments, and camos for you. Hold Melee then tap square to teleport.
    • Lots of other minor map changes, fixes and improvements.

    VERSION v3.1 RELEASED 6/19/2011
    I fixed the bug when playing online and a player joins he gets to keep his class. You should update to this patch if you have v3.0 and play online matches.

    VERSION v3.0 RELEASED 6/18/2011
    I will release minor updates if any bugs should arise.

    What's v3.0 New

    • Two New Weapons: The Exploding Dragon, & The Shaker Gun. The Exploding Dragon is a Gold Dragonov that Shoots Exploding Bullets. The Shaker Gun is a Gold Mini-Uzi that confuses and disorients the zombies if a bullet hits them or close to them.
    • Major Map changes to Bloc, Ambush, & Bog.
    • New Zombie: Crazy Bomber Zombie. He runs fast then blows up, taking nearby humans with him.
    • New Zombie Perk: Tech Shield, After you buy Lightweight you may buy a Tech Shield, for $800. This makes you immune to Fly Traps, and Special Guns like The Ice Gun or The Shaker Gun.
    • Stream-lined Menus: After you buy an item, that can only be purchased once, it will no longer appear in you menu making it easy to get the item you want. Also some Perks have been grouped together for Humans. You must one perk before you can buy another. 1. Slight of Hand, Stopping Power, Steady Aim. 2.Lightweight, Double Tap. Also for Zombies you must buy Lightweight before you can buy the Tech Shield.
    • Super Shield will protect you from Fire & Ice Zombie, and reduce damage from The Crazy Bomber zombie. (If it's on.) Also if the Super Shield is off it will not lose power. When the power reaches 0 you lose the super shield.
    • Added More Random Drops, Like Ice Zombie (very Rare) +100 Health, Lightweight, Shaker Gun (only Way to get it), and Semi Invisible.
    • Many bug fixes and other improvements.

    VERSION v2.9.1 IS Released 6/8/2011

    What's v2.9 New
    • Insta-Kill for Humans, and Steel Skin for Zombies( 1400 health for 20 Seconds)
    • Super Shield a shield that spins around you damaging every enemy it touches and reduces damage you take. Press up on the Dpad to turn on and off.
    • Added Kick Menu. Go Prone and Press up on the DPAD, to Activate. Press Square to select the person you want to kick, press and hold L1 & L2 to kick them.
    • Added anti-elevator thread it will kill you if you try and successfully do an elevator.
    • Added Help Menu for Noobs that automatically starts when you start or join. (Press r3 to exit help)
    • Improved Boss Zombie. Now the person with the highest number of total kills drive the boss zombie. Also there is a 2.2 minute time limit on the boss zombie.
    • Anti-Camping Measures for the last human alive.
    • Fixed Speed and Knifing problems from v2.8
    • Map changes to Shipment, and Showdown.
    • Fixed Many Other Bugs and Glitches. (Almost all glitches you have told me about.)

    VERSION v2.8 IS Released 5/31/2011

    I will ONLY post UPDATES in this thread. It's getting too confusing with all the threads.
    I am planning that version 3.0 to be my last version of COD4 Zombieland, besides bug fix patches. I am then going to work on something for WAW or possibly but probably not Black Ops.

    What's v2.8 New
    • New Maps Edits for Overgrown, Crash and Shipment. Also many other minor map changes.
    • Time Limit for the Zombie Boss. If you don't kill him in 2.5 Minutes he will die on his own.
    • MANY MANY Bug fixes. Every Problem that was serious and mentioned to me or discovered was fixed. All boss Zombie bugs FIXED!
    • Ice Gun. Humans can buy an Ice Gun only after upgrade to an Assault Rife and then a LMG. It's Bullets Slows all Zombies down around where the bullets hit.
    • Faster Game Play.
    • Improved Flame Zombie, and other things, I can't Remember Right now.

    What's v2.5 New:
    • New Maps Map Edit's to Strike and Vacant.
    • Boss Zombie. Every Six Minutes a Boss Zombie is formed. They shoot explosive bullets. You must kill it. If you die by the boss zombie you will become human again if the boss zombie is killed. If all humans are killed Zombies Win. The 1st appearance of Boss Zombie has Approx. 2100 health. Health pretty much doubles every other time it appears.
    • Ice Zombie! It slows down all Humans within 12 feet of it. Height does not matter. So if you are standing underneath it, no matter how high he will be slowed. It also effects the humans vision.
    • Fixed Online Play! You don't have to worry about getting a enemies will forfeit error anymore. Also at the end of the match it will give the correct winning team, and go back to the lobby. THIS IS JUST FOR WHEN YOU PLAY ONLINE.
    • Press Up on D-Pad to Drop off of Ziplines. (Turn on Nightvision).
    • Zombies can destroy all Fly traps for $400. Fly Traps are only $250 to place (you still can have only 1 unless you are last alive.
    • Lightweight is much more powerful then you can imagine. Esp if you are a zombie.

    WHAT's OLD
    1. Human's Can only place 1 Fly Trap (previously Fling Trap) unless they are the last alive, then they can place 2.
    2. Map Changes on Pipeline, Crossfire, and Backlot.
    3. Unlimited Ammo is only $100, but you need 30 kills, before you can buy it.
    4. Lightweight, especially for Zombies, is much better.
    5. Ziplines work much better.
    6. Many Old glitches were fixed.
    7. Host has 30 Seconds where he can be killed but won't be a zombie.
    8. I added something cool called the Fling Trap (Need a Better Name... taking suggestions)
      You can buy them off the Store menu for $300, they are placed on the spot where you are standing. If a Zombie comes within 15 feet (150 pixels) of them they are launched in the air backwards, and killed. The trap then takes 20 seconds to rearm itself. A blinking light appears and It makes a noise when it is active again. You can only place 1 unless you are the last human alive, then you can place 2. Human and Zombies both earn cash for their kills/deaths. There can only be a limited number of these traps on the map at a time (Usually 6) It someone who bought a trap dies the trap goes away, and if you were at the limit you can now buy another.

    9. Made Major Map Changes to:

      *There is a Switch in each of these maps, (also in Backlot and Ambush) that Locks the Ziplines so the Zombies Can't use them. Both Humans and Zombies can turn it on or off. The Ziplines are unlocked to Zombies by Default. So you might want to find the Switch, turn it on, and guard it.

    10. I Fixed the Suicide Glitch. If you don't know what that was, don't worry about it, I tried to keep it as much of a secret as I could of. Trust me Fixing it was kind of a big deal.

    11. Gave Starter Zombies Double Health.

    12. Host cannot be a Starter Zombie.

    13. Added Secret Flags to Many Maps.

    14. Many other bug fixes, and things I can't remember right now.

    To Turn on/off Anti-Join (Host) Go Prone and hold Melee(stab)
    Press the Smoke Grenade Button to scrool through the Shop menu
    Hold Frag Grenade Button to Buy you current Shop Menu Item.
    Your Current Score is how much cash you have.
    Ideal number of people to play with is 9. Do not play with more then 12 people or you will lag on most edited maps.
    Hold ADS and Reload at the same time before the zombies are picked to go to Demo Mode. (host)

    Special Thanks To:
    PcFreak30 for his FFManager (It's so much easier) and iReset for showing it to me.
    DJQuicksilver From 7Sins for solid carepackages The best Dictionary of COD4 codes
    Diddles the clown & Emanuel for showing me it was possible.
    Backyard Awards, CrazyAsn, Hydro, IRise Godfather and MF-Assassin for play testing it over and over.
    Mossy and Trotter.

    Here's a Video of v2.0 thanks to Ljjp


    Here is a video of v2.8 Thanks to Blank_Amp

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Here's a vid from a friend of a beta version of v4

    Here is a video of the Map Killhouse for Version 4.0 by JaMbO_RaMbO

    Here is a video of the map Broadcast from v4.0 Thanks to Reznet

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    [CENTER][Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    FOR NOOBS ONLY: If you do not have 2 PS3's one with Firmware 3.55 or earlier you cannot host this on your PS3. So Find a friend who hosts and play with him.

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    Originally Posted by txlonghorn97 View Post
    party migrate error caused by shit host
    i know but MY HOST IS ****ING GOOOD! it works now . i tyhink it did tht cuz i have my 2 laptops 1 pc 2 ps3 and some mobile phones using the intenernt so it caused that . but now its fine
  3. 09-10-2011, 09:43 AM
    Sep 2011
    so i know how to do this whole patch thing now but all i need to know is that if i use the ffmanager and get the patch ready to use can i just unjailbreak then go pack up to 3.70 firmware and host? and the only reason for two ps3's is if i want to re-change the patch right?
  4. 09-10-2011, 03:10 PM
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    Originally Posted by eric40gator2 View Post
    so i know how to do this whole patch thing now but all i need to know is that if i use the ffmanager and get the patch ready to use can i just unjailbreak then go pack up to 3.70 firmware and host? and the only reason for two ps3's is if i want to re-change the patch right?
    no the only reason for 2 ps3's is cause its the only way to host this
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  6. 09-11-2011, 12:19 AM
    Sep 2011
    well ill just go cry off in ny corner.... although i saw a tut today on how to host on 3.55 but i dont know what jailbreak to get to get down from 3.75
  7. 09-26-2011, 11:19 PM
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    Originally Posted by eric40gator2 View Post
    well ill just go cry off in ny corner.... although i saw a tut today on how to host on 3.55 but i dont know what jailbreak to get to get down from 3.75
    Jb or downgrading a 3.75 ofwPS3 doesn't exist as of this posting. u need 2 ps3s 1 3.55fw or less
  8. 10-01-2011, 04:31 AM
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    Love your patches <3
  9. 10-03-2011, 12:11 AM
    Jun 2010
    Have a prob with the 4.0.. last alive gets so many lucky drops.. Health and Super Shield power ups that they become practically invincible!! Has happened numerous times where multiple knives just have no effect!! I have a video where I was last alive and multiple shots from the Mega-Zomb did nothing.. I was using VADERs patch for this 1 but had no GOD MODE on and it has happened previously where I was just using your patch only....

    Last edited by divinith; 10-05-2011 at 06:46 AM.

  10. 10-05-2011, 02:33 AM
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    Sep 2011
    Hett, i need help with JB my ps3 to host hawkins cod4 zombieland 4.0
  11. 10-05-2011, 02:51 PM
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    Sep 2011
    please can you help...

    my ps3 is jailbroken to 3.40, i have downloaded your patch..

    how do i upload it to my ps3 now and play??

    lol sorry im a noob...?
  12. 10-29-2011, 11:31 PM
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    Oct 2011
    whats the safest way to jail break a ps3?

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