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Thread: Why they should remove the knife

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    01-22-2012 01:52 PM #1 Why they should remove the knife

    Quiet simple it makes shotguns more useful, instead of press button = shotgun now shotguns have more of a place

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    01-23-2012 08:38 AM #31

    I rather them fix the lag then the knifing.

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    01-23-2012 08:47 AM #32

    Simple as hell. Make every single person play tactical settings as default. I use tactical and i never panic knife. It is better then default anyway. Just make tactical the default setting.

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    01-23-2012 09:11 AM #33

    Quote Originally Posted by Xx--AIDAN--xX View Post
    lol this is just stupid y not just have a class with a shotgun lol surly wen u knife sum1 and u have no ammo ur love having the knifing button
    i always stay stocked up on ammo, and thats the point it should be oh look i was an idiot and wasted all my ammo, oh well, COMMANDO.... it should be shit, shit, shit no ammo, guys help me......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Porter_Justice View Post
    ^Nice exaggeration.

    People are quick to talk about COD being for "kids" but honestly look at what we're debating...

    A ****ing knife. The same knife you have. A knife that isn't beefed up with some perk. It's the same exact ****ing knife EVERYBODY has. Look at the shit you guys complain about I mean really? A knife?

    I'd rather a guy knife my dumb ass UP CLOSE than a random tube, RPG, grenade from 50 feet away. Put things into perspective. I suck ass at knife but I rarely have situations where a guy is in my face knifing me. Knifing isn't anymore annoying than other deaths. The OP has 40+ MOABs and is a beast player yet he nitpicks little shit like this.

    COD has just as many people trying to turn their venting into legitimate issues as they do kids...
    and i would like top use a shotgun and know that if i shoot someone they will die, not turn around and knife, not shoot me across the map with a pistol, not use a death streak which is = a 105 AC130 round, i could use dead mans hands, do i no, final stand no, i want to be able to kill people and not then be cheated out of it, if you use a shotgun you plan to shot close range, not across the map. If you use a shotgun then you realise how OP the AR and SMG's are, a shotgun is a 1 shot kill at 5 feet (maybe longer, inconsistaent) but a SMG is 2-3 up close and 5 long range, so thats 1 extra shoot, to kiil at the same range, thats what 0.01 seconds extra? or look at the MK14 a 2 - 3 shot kill at any range thats 1-2 bullets for unlimited range, its 1 to the head, so a AR can kill 0.01 seconds slower than a shotgun but has 10000x better range, and then only need a max of 2 extra bullets? really and i have a shotgun that sometimes wont even kill at 1 foot away form me, but he can then knife me... now that is complete BS when you think about it.

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    01-23-2012 11:23 AM #34

    Knife should be a primary.

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    01-23-2012 11:41 AM #35

    Quote Originally Posted by thinkcentre12 View Post
    Knife should be a primary.
    It would be great but cod will never have it.

    I love css & cs 1.6 & BF when you can run around with the knife not like in cod just knife on button

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  11. apkpmix Keeper

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    01-23-2012 11:45 AM #36

    Knife is only annoying when there is a lag.
    Other than that, it's usually my fault to get knifed and I'm not gonna rage over it.

    Also when someone tries to "panic knifing" you get free kills time to time...

    I seen plenty of people trying to "panic knife" me when I'm no where near their knifing range. I just lol and kill...

  12. Montealvo_0 KILL WITHOUT MERCY

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    01-23-2012 01:18 PM #37

    Knifing is for ***s remove default button layout and leave tactical see how many ***s knife you then lmao i rarely knife only if out of ammo the way it should be used not no panic where you grip your controller scared and accidently knife

  13. Drug Dealer THE DEALER

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    01-23-2012 01:45 PM #38

    Quote Originally Posted by Porter_Justice View Post
    Panic knife is the second lamest term/excuse in COD. Tryhard being the first.

    I suck at knifing so I using try to shoot guys 2 feet away which in all honesty is my fault. If a guy is close enough to knife you....YOURE CLOSE ENOUGH TO KNIFE HIM. Only time knifing sucks is when you add lag into the equation otherwise have some awareness. The knife in this game isn't MW2 or even BO bad...
    It's not equal when every noob uses default button layout and a large number of skilled players use tactical. Your thumb is always on R3 so panic knifing is child's play. With tactical you need to reposition on the controller, even skilled players that can do it fast are no match for "OMG AN ENEMY" instant R3 reaction.

    Oh look you can pull out a knife and kill someone in half a second and reholster it! It makes me lose a lot of respect that Call of Duty hasn't improved on this, and I understand why many call it an arcade shooter. Knifing takes no skill. Only connection and default settings. That is all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wondoh View Post
    Couldn't agree more, it's just a knife, no one has really complained about it until now. Everyone complained about commando in mw2 but they never complained that the knife was overpowered. People complain when they get killed by it, yet I doubt they complain when it saves their ass.

    COD never has or never will aim for realism, and Again people who say BF is more realistic are also stupid (e.g the quick take off times, of helicopters, The ability to jump out of a jet and jump back in it) , there are issues in all games which make them not realistic that's why they are games.
    You are going to use realism as a pro argument then change the next second and use it as a con?

    Also it seems as if this is becoming an elitist vs lower class type debate. The top tier of players hate it and the lower tier love it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glitchplz View Post
    You are going to use realism as a pro argument then change the next second and use it as a con?

    Also it seems as if this is becoming an elitist vs lower class type debate. The top tier of players hate it and the lower tier love it.
    No I am not using either as an argument, I'm just simply stating how both of them could be seen as realistic or not realistic In some description.
    As for your second point, I don't see why people think that using your knife is considered a "nooby" move? If you have quick enough reactions then it's a skill to be able to quickly knife an oncoming guy before he shoots you.

    For me it comes down to people who think they are "pro" trying to find every excuse to blame on their death. An example of what I've heard in my matches are:
    "Ohh look at you tryharding"
    "why are you sitting in a corner" (while defending a HQ)
    "Look how shit you are"

    They always try to come up with a reason behind them dying. It's the same for the "panic knife" its an excuse for them dying.

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