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Thread: Free PSN Download Codes. [UPDATED]

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    02-10-2011 07:50 PM #1 Free PSN Download Codes. [UPDATED]

    Edit, Please Read ! It looks like only Europe can see these codes because its the Europe FaceBook account. If anybody from any other country's find's free codes please PM me. Thanks.

    Well I've been lurking PlayStation for a while now and I always come across redeem codes.

    These are not for money, But downloadable content.. Sometime's they maybe games others they might be avatars, Themes, Sound tracks ect.. But if its free.. Were all happy right?

    So I'll try and keep it updated weekly, If you ever find one please quote me and I'll add it :y:


    Arctic Adventures: Polar's Puzzles - [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Gran Turismo 5 Car - Tutorial Here (FaceBook Needed)

    Killzone 3 Theme - [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Killzone 3 Playstation Home Item - [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]


    Killzone 3, inFAMOUS 2 & Gran Turismo 5 Click Here

    Not many so far, I've found more but can't remember where they are /facepalm

    I'll keep you updated :y:
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    02-10-2011 08:41 PM #11

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agentjon-Botz [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    Miss leading title.
    Oh Quite down you nub! haha I'm just kidding old buddy. The title I think is percise and even though there is only 2 codes up right now, It's a start.

    Keep them updated Captain, Thanks.


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    02-10-2011 09:07 PM #12

    anything us?

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    02-10-2011 09:30 PM #13

    Too bad I dont use Facebook anymore.

  5. methesandhu Pokemon Trainer

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    02-10-2011 09:32 PM #14

    niceeeeee will try soon

  6. -Steven- Hurah!

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    02-10-2011 09:49 PM #15 nice

    Nice job bro anyother stuff?

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    02-10-2011 09:52 PM #16

    Sweet thanks brahh

  8. TheBryant Space Ninja

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    02-10-2011 10:47 PM #17

    I don't understand. What do I do for the free codes? =/

  9. Sleazy xBlueBerryKush

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    02-10-2011 11:25 PM #18

    great post man rep+

  10. Kraftix cool story bro

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    02-11-2011 01:09 AM #19

    Quote Originally Posted by HtD [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    Change the title ya?
    I'm all for this !

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    Premium only?

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