Four Xbox One Beta Programs You Can Still Apply For

By Andarilho Published 10th Aug 2016

With the holiday game season fast approaching, four Xbox One titles are in need of beta testers before their initial release.

Xbox One players have a unique opportunity this fall when various Microsoft-titles are set to have beta programs begin on certain highly anticipated games. Let's take a look at four games in which the developers are seeking help from the public to test a variety of features on their games.

{url=}Titanfall 2[/url] - {url=}Application[/url]{br}
The most notable game on this list to have a beta program is none other than Titanfall 2. While the game may not be continuing as a Microsoft-exclusive like it's predecessor, Titanfall, Respawn is offering Xbox One players the opportunity to apply for the "multiplayer technical test" which is designed to "help Respawn test various aspects of the game and its online infrastructure".

There is no word yet on when beta invites will be sent out, but with the confirmed October 28th release date fast approaching, it seems likely to happen late summer or early fall. You may apply to be selected by going to their {url=}official website[/url].

{url=}For Honor[/url] - {url=}Application[/url]


For Honor is almost here. After being previewed at E3 in 2015, it has been a long wait for the anticpated hack and slash Ubisoft-title. For Honor is set to release on February 14th of next year, and the developer is offering gamers the chance to sign up for Alpha and Beta testing programs. Ubisoft have packaged the opportunity with signing up for their rewards system and the sign up can be found on the {url=}Ubisoft website[/url].

{b}Gwent{/b} - {url=}Application[/url]{br}{br}


CD Projekt, the developers of the upcoming standalone Witcher card game Gwent, have announced full details on the closed beta programming coming to the title. While the beta will be expanded to PS4 at a later date, the closed program will launch in September to Xbox One and PC players. Full information for the beta can be found on the {url=}developer's website[/url] and the registration can be found at {url=}[/url].

{b}Steep{/b} - {url=}Application[/url]{br}

Another Ubisoft-title set to be beta tested this year, Steep is an upcoming open-world snowboard game that is set to release in December of 2016. The trailer for the upcoming game looks amazing, but not much is known yet regarding when testers will be selected for the beta. With the title's release set to hit the gaming marketplace on Xbox One, PC, and PS4, emails will more than likely begin rolling out in the coming months for those who are accepted. To sign up, follow {url=}this link[/url] to Ubisoft's website.

These are four alpha and beta programs open for registration to Xbox One gamers. While full details are yet to be revealed on game's such as Titanfall 2 and Steep, with the release date's fast approaching it's expected that applicants will be notified in the near future on their registration status.


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