THREAD: [RELEASE] iMCSx's VSH Patcher - PSN is back (Any CFW CEX/DEX)
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    iMCSx's VSH Patcher

    What is this program ? :

    - It's a windows program to patch definitely your VSH to connect on PSN. As you saw recently, the PSN return a specific error, but once you'll patch your vsh it will works. You don't need to repeat this tutorial once donc (except you install a new spoof or a new firmware).

    Why a release ? :

    - I saw a lots of people with a lots of PSN issues, well i created this program in 1 hour and i hope you'll like it. The source code is on GitHub is someone want to look how it works (i'm new at GitHub

    When i need to use it ? :

    - If you are on CEX you need to install the lastest spoof available, the more higher (if before the psn error you was connected online it's good).
    - If you patch the VSH and you install a spoof just after, the spoof will replace the vsh (well the fix will be deleted) the VSH Patcher is the last step to done to connect online.

    Tutorial :

    - Before begins, i decline any responsibility about PS3 issues, In my knowledge if you done all rights manipulations everything will be OK. In the worst case you'll just need to re-install your firmware.

    I recommand to read everything a first time before begins!

    - Download the lastest release on GitHub You must login or register to view this content..

    - Extract the folder somewhere (example on your desktop)

    - On PS3 run a FTP server like multiman / rebug toolbox.

    - Use a FTP client on your computer like Filezilla and go on dev_flash/vsh/module/ find a file called vsh.self and copy it on your computer.

    - Go back on the extracted folder, go into 'bin' folder, and run VSH Patcher.

    - Select your vsh.self from your console and drag/drop it on the box (or using the button) and click on 'Patch' in the case of a success patching, the program will tell you where it has been saved (same folder of VSH Patcher called vsh.self).

    - Now you need to inject it, but you cannot write on dev_flash there's some solutions, but the more easier are :

    • Using multiman, enabling the option "Enable dev_blind (writable dev_flash)".
    • using rebug toolbox, enable by default (right?).

    - Once enabled, refresh the list in filezilla (F5) or restart the FTP you'll see dev_blind or dev_rebug folder.
    - Drop your new vsh.self patched in the folder dev_blind/vsh/module/ or dev_rebug/vsh/module/ filezilla will ask you he's already existing, select "Replace".

    - Restart the console, connect on PSN...

    You have definitely patched your VSH for PSN connections !

    It is risky ? :

    - In the worst case you need to re-install the firmware, but follow the tutorial correctly and everything will be good.

    Credits :

    - The PS3ITA Team
    - Naehwert
    - HeAd

    Frequently Asked Questions :

    Q: I got a problem when i'm connecting to PSN "You have been disconnected" or "Connection time elapsed" (somthing similar)
    A: First, you need to check if you have a valid console id, second if you're in DEX go in Debug Settings and change the value of "NP Environment" to NP, and check if "Network Settings for Debug" is on Single Settings.

    Q: I got an error with the application, the vsh is too recent ?:
    A: If your console is in CEX i think my program is not helpful to you, because a 4.70 spoof has been released and i think you need to have the lastest spoof to be connected on PSN, and this lastest spoof is working with PSN...

    Q: I got a message and that ask me to update the firmware ?:
    A: I think i don't have to say you must decline this update. CEX consoles need to have a 4.70 spoof to have the connection PSN and my patch is not needed i think, DEX consoles needs just to have a recent spoof like 4.60/4.65 (before patching VSH) it's useless to install an higher, and for me it's not the cause of banishments.

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    Have fun Winky Winky
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    I am on Rebug 4.46.1 D-REX/REX and spoofed to 4.65 using HiJaM/Ho$ter spoofer. I still get the 'Update error' when trying to connect to PSN?