THREAD: Want faster help with your issue?
  1. 02-05-2015, 02:44 PM
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    I defeated!
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    I defeated!
    Jul 2011
    The amount of people that are posting nonsense topics here, where we can't even understand your questions is insane. It happens each hour. If you want us to help you, you'll have to explain your issue - if you don't have time to do so then we can't help you.

    Here is a example format that should be required in order to get support:

    My issue:
    How the issue occurred:
    I have tried to fix my issue with:

    Let's say, if i had an issue with installing CCAPI 2.60 and have some questions, i would post this as a example:

    My issue: I want to install CCAPI 2.60, but i have 2.50 installed already. What do I do?
    How the issue occurred: There are no issue, i am just worried about bricking!!
    I have tried to fix my issue with: I haven't tried anything.

    My point, please try to be clear as possible when posting a topic for support. I enjoy helping people with their issues, if they just can make sense and use time on the topic. If you don't, you'll most likely be ignored by me and many others for not making any sense.

    For the title, put something that explains your issue. In my case, i would put "I got YLOD, how can I fix it?" - There are no need to write 100 characters for a title, do something short that makes sense & explains your issue.

    If everyone can remind each other to format it properly, this section will become a much better place.
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