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    Welcome to the PS4 Gamesave Request forum, where you can submit requests for gamesaves. Before submitting any requests have a look in the You must login or register to view this content. and browse to see if what you're requesting has not been already posted. You can also do a search by clicking the options button at the top right of the forum. If you cannot find what your looking for than feel free to post a request, But before doing that we would like to point out a few things.

    Region Specific

    • It is essential that you include the region(s) for the save you are requesting. This helps users who are willing to fulfill your request by giving them details of the specific region of the save.
      (e.g. [USA] / [EUR])
    Always add your region in the title or in your thread itself if not this can end up getting your thread closed
    Legit/Modded Saves

    • This section is only meant for legit save requests
      Modded Save requests or cheats belong here You must login or register to view this content.

    Requesting Save Resinging & Save Wizard/Cyber Gadget Slot

    • Here on NGU its not allowed to make a request for save resigning or a slot for Save Wizard/Cyber Gadget
      this can bring the licence owner in trouble thats why its forbidden to Request,Trade or Sell Save Wizard/Cyber Gadget Licenses and Slots on NGU.

    Re-Region Requests

    • To make a Re-Region Requests you will need to include 2 things , a link to the Save you want to be Re-Regioned + 1 of your own saves of the region that you want (progress doesnt matter)
      if your thread is missing 1 or both of these things your thread will automatic end up closed

    Outdated Threads

    • Outdated Request were havent been commented on for longer then 2 months will automatic be closed if you still like to keep your older request you can bump your thread by simple commenting Bump
      (this only can be done once a 24 hours)

    Fulfilled Requests

    • If your request has been fulfilled and would like your thread closed then contact a staff member or report your thread to be closed. We will not delete or trash any requests as they might become useful for other users in the future as reference.

    Weekly Updated Database

    • You must login or register to view this content. has every Save added from november and december 2017
      and it will keep getting updated so it will include all the new incoming saves and the older saves will also getting added in the future

    All the best,
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    Added information about Re Region Requests [1/19/18]
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